Bowing to a King (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Practice Stories • Tagged with love dolls, dragon, Zekrom, timer, blanks, submission, willing, oral, oral sex, facial, sealed, world progression

A growl echoed in my mind as I stretched a bit, leaning back in bed. My arms went high while my massive legs pressed against the footboard beneath me. Release parties were always fun, but that had been the first time I’d held one in my actual home on …

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Incident: Kyle Olstein (PG-13)

Posted on Tue 21 April 2020 in Tales from the Delta Worlds • Tagged with minor, transformation, love doll, no sex, no yiff, story progression, character development, wolf, dragoness, male, willing

(Author’s Note: This was supposed to be longer, but due to hardware issues, some of this story was lost. I’m posting what is the first half as it is, simply so it’s not completely lost.)

A sigh escaped my lips as I stepped up to the house …

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A New Way (NC-17)

Posted on Sun 15 December 2019 in One-Shot • Tagged with demon, demoness, demon tf, amalgamation, modularity, soul capture, willing, bodycrafting, lion, submission

A sunny day at Fallhaven Resort meant tourists abound, especially with summer vacation starting on the worlds of Graiben and Aurumera. And there were quite a few wandering the paths there. From the cute, to the demonic, to the cutely demonic, many species flocked to the snuff resort to enjoy …

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Pipework 3 - Proof of Concept (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 28 September 2019 in At the Mansion • Tagged with Bone Dragon, Orca, TF, transformation, drone, urinal drone, dronification, watersports, urine drinking, willing, casual, urine, objectification, merging, body part TF

It’d been only a day or so since returning from her little trip to Shirohoshi Headquarters, but Tera was feeling nice and relaxed after everything she’d been through. Sixty hours locked as the urinal filter drone for the executive suite bathrooms, having to process gallons upon gallons of …

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Pipework (NC-17)

Posted on Fri 27 September 2019 in At The Mansion • Tagged with Dragon, Tiger, TF, transformation, drone, urinal drone, dronification, watersports, urine drinking, bondage, willing, casual

It was one of the slower days of summer for TeraDyne as she relaxed in the family mansion. Her cluster partners were off on their own after she got them tickets to a convention, wanting to give them a break in their full bodies. That left the bone dragon to …

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Pipeworks - UD-855θ

Posted on Fri 27 September 2019 in At the Mansion • Tagged with Tiger, TF, transformation, drone, urinal drone, dronification, watersports, urine drinking, bondage, willing, casual, contract, urine, urine marking

(Theta belongs to rubberglovedragon)

Muffled moans and whimpers echoed in the mostly empty service room as UD-855 found itself being lead under some pipework. The black rubber tiger drone still had its dark green stripes, and lighter green biohazard symbols on its thighs, chest, and back. It still had …

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Three In One (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 03 August 2019 in At the Mansion • Tagged with Transformation, costume TF, unwilling, willing, inanimate, fox, wolf, snow Leopard, gryphon, male, toy, blanking, clothing TF

“Well, aren’t you a cute one?”

The red gryphon looked over her guest as the snowy leopard squirmed in his bindings. A knotted dildo gag filled Greg’s maw as he knelt on the ground, wrists tied behind his back to a spreader bar that sat between his ankles …

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Public Service (R)

Posted on Thu 14 March 2019 in The Butterfly Empire • Tagged with Public Display, Bondage, Gryphon, Contortion, Flexibility, Public Bench, Public Use, Indeterminate Time, No Sex, Taken, Unwilling, Willing

Inspired by “Flexibility” by Icaron

Gallows mumbled under her breath as she was taken within the back section of Echo Glade Castle’s hallways. All she remembered about the day was waking up to a call from Queen Star Seer, only for everything to go black again. When she awakened …

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Transitions (PG-13)

Posted on Sun 10 March 2019 in Tales from the Delta Worlds • Tagged with no sex, mecha TF, gryphon, bluejay, dragon, canine, slice of life, story progression, willing, transformation, death

Time and time again, we…

Gallows turned off her television and tossed the remote aside as she relaxed on her sofa. It’d been a few hours since she returned from a rather sobering job of helping a young person with transitioning to deal with their species and gender dysphoria …

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Cubone Cum Dump (NC-17)

Posted on Tue 25 December 2018 in Misc. • Tagged with Gryphon, Cubone, Blaziken, Club Bathroom, Costume TF, Suit TF, Inflatable TF, Condom TF, Ripping, Long Orgasm, Cum Inflation, Reformation, Degradation, Body Marking, Dismemberment, Willing, Herm, Male

Another day, another sigh of relief as Gallows returned home from a day of dealing with some rather irate clients who thought they could pull a fast one on the gryphon and get out of paying a few hundred thousand in gold. Unfortunately for them, disappearances were quite common on …

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