Incident: Kyle Olstein (PG-13)

Posted on Tue 21 April 2020 in Tales from the Delta Worlds

(Author’s Note: This was supposed to be longer, but due to hardware issues, some of this story was lost. I’m posting what is the first half as it is, simply so it’s not completely lost.)

A sigh escaped my lips as I stepped up to the house and knocked. I never expected my job to be easy, but some days, a disaster could really get to you.

An older male wolf opened the door, grey showing in his otherwise black muzzle. He looked weary as hell, and his voice was uneasy. “Can you come back another time, ma’am? I—”

Mister Olstein, I’m TeraDyne Hitokage-Ezeri, president and co-founder of Shirohoshi Enterprises.” I said, trying to keep myself sounding somewhat comforting when I wasn’t in too good of a mood myself. “I’m here to see if I can help you with what has happened.”

He said nothing as he moved back, allowing me inside. Jarel Olstien… That was his name. I’d seen it in the records I read on the way there. After being led upstairs, an open door showed me why I was there.

His son was laying back, staring at the ceiling from his bed. A wolf like his father, except…not quite like his father. Not anymore, anyway. Instead of fur, he had pink rubber skin, with a red belly marking that ran along his groin and inner thighs. His paws looked normal from the top, but the bottoms were like boot soles, with proper non-slip treads baked into them. And his hands, mittens on both sides, were behind his head, yet still visible. His snout, static with an open onahole in the front, a painted smile surrounding it.

Mr. Olstein motioned for me to follow him into the master bedroom just down the hall. He closed the door behind us, then sat down on the king-sized bed that took up most of the space, head in his hands.

I don’t know what to do.” Jarel said, sounding even more worn out than just a few moments ago. “Kyle’s acting like it’s just another day, but… I just don’t know.”

Mind…explaining what happened, as far as you know?” I asked, sitting down beside the man. I truly felt for him. Single parents always seemed to have it the hardest.

He stopped, taking a deep breath before looking up at the dresser in front of him. “Well… I got off work early today, and came home. Found out Kyle hadn’t even gone to school because his professor’s sick, and they couldn’t get a sub. That wasn’t anything, so I went in to see if he wanted to go out and get a pizza. I walked in seeing him like…well, that. Box it came in was on the floor and everything.”

Any idea how he got it?” I was trying to sort everything out in my head, just to get an idea of what I was about to walk into.

I’d let him borrow my bank card to order himself a birthday present. Didn’t know he had a fake ID, so I hadn’t really thought much about it when the order came up a few ten-thousand Omen. Figured it might’ve been a new computer or something. But I didn’t ask. I wanted to trust him. Suit got delivered today, and he signed for it. Course, he tall like his mother, so they didn’t question his ID, I guess.”

That must’ve been a damn good fake, then. Our computer systems should’ve caught it.

Just…He gonna be like this for good?”

That’s…gonna depend on a few things, honestly.” I didn’t want to hurt Mr. Olstein any further, but I wasn’t about to lie to him, either. “This is the important one, though. Did you see a zipper on your son’s back when you walked in on him?”

The old canine shook his head. “No. I thought he’d been holding a doll at first, ‘till he turned around. Why?”

Well fuck… I couldn’t help but wince slightly.

Basically, our TransSuits have an option to let them become permanent, for those that want to make their transitions permanent. By removing that zipper, your son triggered that feature, but…” I had to hold up my hands, trying to stop him from freaking out. “There’s still some options. With him like this, it means we can just use another TransSuit to get him as close as possible to his old self. It’ll take a couple days, but I can have it put priority one and expedite the delivery myself. That’s the easy option.”

There was a bit of an awkward silence as I let the news sink in. It wasn’t going to be permanent, and that seemed to take a few years off the poor father’s face. “Oh… Oh, thank the gods… I thought there was going to be a but in there.”

There kinda is…” I admitted, watching him get a bit more fearful again as his ears flattened. “Let me talk to him for a while. There’s got to be a reason why he went through all this and made it permanent. If there’s something going on at school, or between his friends, or something like that, he’d probably be more open to sharing it if he didn’t think we were going to take this change away from him.”

His eyes started to tear up. The stress was really getting to him. “You think so?”

I nodded, reaching into the messenger bag at my side and pulling out a handkerchief to give to him. “After having to deal with a number of children who acted like this, yes. If there’s an underlying issue, they’re not going to come clean if they think they’re going to be punished. Mind if I try?”

P-please. I just don’t want my baby boy getting into any more trouble.”

I’ll do what I can. Just… If you try to listen in, I’m probably going to be asking questions you won’t like. And you’ll probably hear answers that you’ll like even less. Just be patient. Okay?”

He gave me a couple short nods, wiping away tears from his eyes. “O-o-okay…”

I got to my feet and went over to what was obviously Kyle’s room. He had a rather nice-looking gaming PC set up on his desk, a number of action figures that I really didn’t recognize, some model planes… Nothing that even hinted that who owned all of it was currently sitting back as a minor turned into a living Lover’s Day sex doll. I knocked, watching as the kid bolted upright.

Kyle? I’m TeraDyne Ezeri, from Shirohoshi. Mind if I come in and talk with you for a bit?”

Woah! Sure!” He replied.

The kid had definitely kept his natural voice in the transition, but seeing a child in that shape was…concerning. Probably not for the same reasons that his father was worrying about, though. Still, he was proving that kids could adapt more easily than adults. Most couldn’t even get basic speech down in their first day, much less a few hours.

I walked inside, closing the door behind me. No sense in making him worried about his father’s wrath or something.

Enjoying your new self?” I asked in as casual a tone as I could, plopping down onto the carpet nearby.

The enthusiasm in his voice was…expected, but still unsettling. “Heck yeah. This feels awesome!”

Don’t I know it. I’ve got a few hundred in my own collection that I tend to wear, even at work. Especially the one that’s…well, me, but full love doll. Fell in love with the idea long, long ago.” Just stay focused, Tera… He’s the one who needs to be distracted. “How about you? What got you interested in being one?”

My boyfriend Tyrel.” Kyle began fidgeting with his tail like a pup, but I could tell it was likely something he normally did while talking. “He lives with his big brother Jake, and Jake has a few of ‘em that he uses for his job. He lets me wear a blue gryphon when I visit, and Tyrel gets to sit around at home in another just like it.”

Oh… That… That wasn’t entirely kosher. Like, it was technically legal as long as there wasn’t any sex involved, but… This wasn’t going as planned.

I gave myself a moment to think how I wanted to word my next question. “Either of them…do anything naughty with you in them?”

You mean sex? Like some’a the stuff on the extranet?”


Like…His brother won’t touch me, but he ended up walking in on me giving Tyrel some with my beak. Said he put us in the suits cause he knew he couldn’t stop us, so he wanted it to be safe. Then he left, and Tyrel took me from behind for my first time.”

I…couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Like, I technically should’ve found out who that guy was and had him arrested, and had I been on Earth, I would’ve been forced to by law. But… No, as illegal as it might have been, the guy had a point. Try as you might, you couldn’t stop a teen from doing something stupid, only make it as safe as possible. I myself was proof enough of that.

Huh! How long you two been dating?”

I swore the excitement in the kid’s voice was making it harder for me to concentrate. You couldn’t ask for a happier teen, especially compared to the edge cases I’d had to deal with over the last several decades.

Couple years now.” He replied. “One time, our professor caught us kissing in the bathroom. Got detention for a week, but they didn’t tell dad since it would’ve looked bad on the school. They kinda got a lot of parents angry when they expelled Tanya and Gabe last year for snogging before class.”

My eyes went around the room, catching sight of a picture of the young wolf with what looked like a bluejay gryphon. “Sounds like you really love him.”

That excitement started to turn into calm. Almost a serene tone. “Yeah… He just… He makes me feel happy. We fight sometimes, but so did Mom and Dad. We always make up.”

I smiled, trying to keep the conversation flowing. The more I had to go on, the better. “That’s what lovers do. It’s not always happy-happy, but you try to be there for each other. So… Is that why you pulled the zipper off? So you could be like that for him?”


I’m sorry, what?

His hands squeaked as he nervously twisted the thick rubber tail they held. “I…I just really like this. Like… Not even for the sex thing. I just like being this. It makes me feel happy. You kinda get that don’t you?”

I gave a nod, keeping my eyes locked to his. There was no sign of hesitation behind those softly glowing plastic orbs. Just sheer blunt honesty.

Yeah, I do. It’s about feeling like yourself, instead of being in someone else’s skin.”

Kyle’s seemed to calm down just a bit. “Right?! I tried to tell dad about it, but he just freaked out. Said something about him going to jail or something.”

Well, I can tell you that’s not happening.” I gave a grunt as I got to my feet. “Your dad not going anywhere. Mind staying in here while I talk to him for a bit?”

Sure! Thanks, Miss Ezeri!” He held out a mitten hand, which I shook rather squeakily.

No problem, Kyle.”

I walked back to the master bedroom, where Jarel was still sitting on the bed, trying to stay calm. Seemed he gave us the privacy that Kyle needed.

Well?” He asked, sounding rather meek.

Oh… There was no good way to put it. I gave a soft sigh to regain my own composure, and just…had a go at it.

Well, he’s not going to be in any trouble, that’s for sure. Did you know he had a boyfriend?”

Yeah. Tyrel Smith.” He paused, blinking as something seemed to click in his mind. “Oh gods, they broke into—”

No, Mr. Olstein. Nothing like that.” I said calmly, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Jake Smith apparently lets your son wear one of his blue gryphon suits while visiting Tyrel. That’s part of what got him to pull this stunt, but there’s…a bit more to it.”

Sitting down, I started to dig through my messenger bag as I spoke. “How to put this… Your son found a sort of happiness when he was wearing those suits. It obviously gave him more self-confidence. Made him feel more comfortable as a synthetic being than his old organic self.”

The pamphlet I needed turned out to be in one of the outer pockets. I pulled it and a pen out of my satchel, writing some information onto it.

Now, option one, you to let me take your son to Shirohoshi Headquarters for a full psychological evaluation from our psychologists. To make absolutely sure there’s nothing else going on with him. Because, in his current mindset, forcing him to change back could honestly have some dire consequences.”

He simply looked at me, almost pleading in a way I rarely saw outside of canines. I knew it was a lot for him to take in, but didn’t know of any way to pull those punches.

Or option two… You let him continue as he is for now, be there for him when he needs you, and see where this path takes him. He learns how to live in his new body, goes to school normally, and so on. Let him decide if he wants to change back, or stay the way he is now and deal with the consequences of his actions. I’ll have a TransSuit with his name on it waiting to be delivered the moment we get a call, or even just call us to answer any questions, but he needs to be the one to choose that route.”

We sat there in silence for a while as I watched Mr. Olstein think things over. Reading the infodoc I gave him on how the living love doll bodies worked. The gears were turning, albeit begrudgingly so. It was a life-changing event for both of them. Nothing was easy.

Eventually, Jarel turned to me, his voice shaky, but trying to keep some pride in it. “Alright. I’ll keep an eye on him. This number go to a customer service rep or something?”

No.” I replied, getting to my feet. “That’s my personal number. If there’s any problem, or you have any questions, just call me, day or night. If I don’t pick up, my assistant will, and they’ll make sure we talk.”

Okay… Thank you, Miss Ezeri. I don’t know how we’ll handle this, but we will.”

I saw Mr. Olstein get up and walk to his son’s room, following the wolf to Kyle to make sure he’d be okay. I didn’t have to worry too much, though. He almost immediately hugged Kyle, telling the kid how much he loved him. I didn’t stick around. They had a bit of a road ahead of them.

I just hoped it was a road they could share.

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