Pipework 3 - Proof of Concept (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 28 September 2019 in At the Mansion

It’d been only a day or so since returning from her little trip to Shirohoshi Headquarters, but Tera was feeling nice and relaxed after everything she’d been through. Sixty hours locked as the urinal filter drone for the executive suite bathrooms, having to process gallons upon gallons of waste liquid from urinals on multiple floors. When she found herself among two entire crews of completely identical drones—-even down to her personal ID number—-while her mother, the owner of the company, degraded and treated her like just a generic object… It was a slice of heaven for her kinky side.

The bone dragon sat back in one of the service rooms underneath her mother’s mansion home, most of her body covered in a new version of the outfit she’d been wearing only the other day. The smooth rubber had a large aquatic fin tail for its lower half, almost completely black in color save for the deep green biohazard symbols, along with a dorsal fin on the back. No legs or feet whatsoever, but a pair of thick arms with webbed four-digit hands were there, each one having small fins on the forearms, and her usual green lettering of “UD-855” and “Special Property” on the upper arms. And down where her groin would be, a large nozzle took the place of her shaft, with silicone ridges along its length

Only her head was out in the open, the orca mask of the suit resting against her chest, propped up by the two hoses leading from the sides of its muzzle down to the lower body. A third port took the place of the mouth, while a fourth was on the back of the head, where its blowhole would be, those two empty. And the eyes were rounded lenses, tinted just as black as the suit itself, making it seem almost faceless.

She’d been taking photos of the new suit with her phone, sending them to friends. As soon as she slipped the mask over her face and finished zipping up, the drone finished its photo op, tossing the device behind her as the slab of glass seemed to disappear into thin air.

Unit UD-855 online and awaiting assignment.” It said in its monotone voice. Not that it had a choice. The programming made it do that whenever the zipper fully closed.

It didn’t need orders, though. Today was a product launch, and Tera wasn’t allowed to attend. There were going to be a lot of press and otherwise at the event, and it was too tempting of a chance to pass up after all it had been through.

The mer-orca drone finished pulling down the single hose that had been dangling above its head, screwing the object into the mouth port of its mask. A metal clamp was added as well, locked into place with a pair of pad locks, while another tube got similar treatment as the drone attached it to the back of its own head, acting as an overflow relief.

With the turn of a handle, all of the toilets in the event building above drained their water, and entered the state needed for drone handling. Even before the fish plugged the sound-and-vision system into the proper socket, a stream was flowing down into the drone’s open gullet, coating its mouth with the taste of warm acrid piss. It made the drone’s cock practically throb down at the other end of its body.

When the cable finally connected, its sight went completely black, with only a countdown to the end of the event visible in its vision. However, the sound of several toilets being used reverberated within its head. Almost making it feel as the drone itself were those fixtures above. The killer whale pulled its arms against its shoulders, causing them to meld into its body, leaving nothing but the fins on its sides.

Three or four at a time, people came and left, relieving themselves into the waterless basins. Some in small batches, others unleashing a gallon or more, completely unaware of where it was going. Only the spray and the sloshing of its own expanding form occupied the orca’s mind, with nary a care or other thought to worry about. An absolutely blissful heaven.

More and more, the waste fluid pumped into the living vat, its internal pumps constantly cycling the liquid through the purification system to keep from filling up too much. Clean water continuously cycled through its cock, flowing out into drain below it, but the silenced moans of the shivering creature showed just how much it was enjoying the constant orgasm that it experienced. Every gallon feeling like the equivalent in seed, causing the beached fish to softly writhe. Sloshing with little every movement.

However, in its quivering haze, the room monitors from its ears suddenly kicked in. Someone had walked into the service area. And judging from the low sensual voice, there was little doubt of who it was.

I was wondering why you weren’t answering your phone.” Lenne said, kneeling down as hir arms crossed in front of hir. “At least you’ve been doing something productive during the keynote.”

The bone dragoness could hear hir daughter’s whimpering through the rush of liquid, causing hir to smile.

Oh, don’t worry. You’re not gonna be punished. The show’s over, you didn’t get involved, and everyone’s moving into headquarters to try things out on the demo floors.”

Hir grin widening, the company CEO reached down and plucked the audio-video cable from the drone’s head, causing it to see hir from its floor perch. And once the piss stream stopped, shi reached up to change the toilets back to normal running order, before disconnecting the orca from the equipment. Even as it continued to spray purified water from its spire, shi waited, watching as the gusher became a trickle, and finally ceased entirely, allowing the drone’s arms to come out into the open again.

Lenne pet along hir daughter’s masked head as it flopped over tiredly from the ordeal. “You know, dear… I could be mean to you. I could keep you in that state, and make you slide your autonomous self all the way to the lobby. Use you as a demo unit for the new Urinal Drone suits, given what you just did. I mean, you just proved how useful urinal drones can be at even spaces. And ecological too. That was a lot of clean water you pumped back out.”

The thought of having to crawl and drag it aquatic mer tail across the floor and up the steps to the demo floor drew a loud robotic whimper from the drone.

But I’m not. I’ve got a better use for you at the moment.”

Hir smile widening, the dragoness walked around behind the orca and sat down. One boot came off, then the other, revealing her clawed feet. Something that was unusual for Lenne, and which shi’d be correcting momentarily.

Without any sort of warning, the mer drone felt its aft port being penetrated by its mother’s lower limb. The soles and toes pushing their way deeper into its body. Its arms shrank into its sides once again, the fins sticking out a bit further back than before, but it wasn’t becoming the feral-bodied state from earlier.

The thick body began to shrink into itself, and as Lenne pulled her legs apart, the drone could feel itself splitting into two. A sensation it knew quite well.

When the changes stopped, UD-855 found itself staring through two sets of eyes, each head possessing one of the two hoses still plugged into something, and the mouth hole wide open. Its lower jaw and throat had hardened into boot soles, and its body was swung upward behind each cranium. Completely out of its control.

Lenne had a new pair of legs, hir daughter merged into hir body for the time being. Each head was a foot with its own built-in boot, and the hoses were plugged into hir thighs, much like how the urinal drones normally were. Shi’d even taken hir daughters tail for hirself, with the thick rubber fin undulating behind her, while the nozzle of a drone cock sat between hir legs, disappearing behind a smooth pouch as it was rotated up and out of sight.

That’s much better. I was getting lonely without my cluster partners.” Shi said aloud, tossing the previous footwear to the side. “Now I can keep you out of trouble for a bit while I finish dealing with the press. Enjoy yourself, little one. We’re gonna have a bit of a talk after this is all over.”

UD-855 couldn’t help but mentally whimper, its consciousness left floating as it felt its new state walking its mother out toward the main building. It could only hope said talk would be good.

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