Pipework (NC-17)

Posted on Fri 27 September 2019 in At The Mansion

It was one of the slower days of summer for TeraDyne as she relaxed in the family mansion. Her cluster partners were off on their own after she got them tickets to a convention, wanting to give them a break in their full bodies. That left the bone dragon to her own devices.

Pacing around her room a bit, she noticed something on her desk. Something that looked rather fun, given the original reason she’d had it delivered to her room. With nothing else to do, she began to slip it on, a smile across her face as her claws opened up the zipper along the back.

Her feet went in first, slipping down the long legs and into the boots at the bottom, each automatically buckling around her calfs and feet. Not that they would slip, given the suit was one piece and form-fitting for the most part, but it felt rather nice to have the rubber tighten against her skin.

She pulled it up onto her body, slipping her thick tail into the long tube-like sheath at the base of the suit’s spine. Her arms sank deep into the sleeves and gloves, fingers becoming nothing more than mittens with thumbs at the end of each one. Her chest gained breasts, and rather large ones at that, while her wings disappeared completely into the black latex void of the outfit as the zipper was pulled up.

Once she slipped the mask over her face and closed the seal taut, her fanned ears and horns vanished as well, replaced by molded triangular ears atop her head. Her breathing seemed to stop entirely as her mouth became a hole with screw threads, baked into the mask itself.

She moved toward the mirror near her bed, wanting to get a good look at herself. What stared back was a black tigress with dark green stripes, and lighter green biohazard symbols on her thighs, along with matching symbols on her chest and back. Her eyes were nothing more than glowing green lenses, and the cock sticking up between her legs was more like a nozzle, with metal ridges along the length of the silicone shaft. And on her arms, large glowing green lettering spelling out “UD-855”, and “Special Property” written in smaller print beneath them.

She finished off the general look with a neon green rubber 5-ring collar, slipping a padlock into the hole of the locking buckle behind her neck. Anyone from the outside wouldn’t be able to tell her from the other staff, though her entire family knew why the number 855 wasn’t used by any of them. That was her personal ID number.

Mmm… Unit UD-855 online and awaiting assignment.” Tera said as she screwed a three-to-one wye adapter with hoses into her mask maw, the feline’s feminine voice having become mostly monotone thanks to the vocal changer built into the suit. The two hoses on the sides led to her hips, where they locked into place with a gasket and clamp, while the remaining hole was left free, its hose compressed and held in a holder on her back. And to ensure they didn’t come loose, two padlocks were added to the adapter in her maw, with one more on each end of the hoses.

With that small addition, she was truly indistinguishable from any of the others, ID number aside. And that thought was making her quite horny. Nothing more than a mass-produced model, designed for a purpose, rather than individuality. Something made to be used. An object to be owned, without a name or identity of its own.

Just something for someone to install in a home.

A bit later, the drone wandered through the service corridors that ran underneath the ground floor. It was one that the actual servant drones used, but she was one of few non-staff who didn’t mind the dark and foreboding hallways.

It didn’t take long to find the room it had been hunting for. A plate marked with the names Ziner and Kineos was just ahead, and the tiger opened the heavy metal barrier quite easily, making sure to sign in on the panel near the entryway with the RFID tag in the back of its right hand before closing the door.

Inside, the area was fairly dark and damp, but nothing out of the ordinary. A small wall separated another space on the other side, while two hoses hung from the ceiling near some pipework, along with some metal clamps in the ground just below them. Given that UD-855 signed in for both slots, it was the middle set that was in its sights.

With its mitten hands, the drone reached up and pulled down the two hoses, screwing them into another wye adapter before linking that to the center port on her own mask. A cable was attached to her mask after that, linking her vision and hearing to the floor above. Then, it turned a small handle on each of the pipes to redirect their flow toward the hoses, before dropping to its knees right above a drain.

Some of the clamps closed around the drone’s ankles and calfs, making sure it couldn’t move, while another set wrapped around its wrists and forearms the moment it took to all fours. The timer locks engaged, and in its vision, a countdown for its work shift began to tick away. Nine hours and counting…

Of course, it didn’t take long before someone wandered into one of the bathrooms. The tiger couldn’t make out who they were given the camera was at groin level, but the sound of their heavy footsteps reverberated in its head. As did the sound of them unzipping the crotch of what seemed to be a catsuit. Their cock came out into the open, and UD-855 braced itself just a bit.

UD-855 heard liquid spraying against the porcelain urinal, then tasted the acrid fluid pouring down its molded mouth. Flooding the urinal drone’s throat as the tigress was forced to simulate gulping down every last drop. Every bit of the glowing yellow waste that came down the pipe.

The other bathroom opened up while the first was still flowing, and the drone could see jeans being opened out of her right eye before they too began to let loose. Much like the first, the warm liquid rushed down her gullet, joining the other stream to make it even more intense. The bitter taste would make most gag, but that wasn’t even physically possible with the living vat. All it could do was sit there and let itself be filled.

The two brothers came in several times over the course of the day. Each one seeming pissing out liters of their potent piss with every trip, sometimes at the same time as each other. And with every bladder emptied, UD-855 felt its hollow body filling up. Sloshing with every tiny movement of its legs, until those completely filled. The tiger’s belly started soon after, and around the seventh load let into its body, that began to swell.

Little by little.

Bit by bit.

Then others began finding their way inside those two restrooms. Likely friends of the two. And they began unleashing their waste into the living biohazard bag, causing a muted moan to escape into the drone’s head as it felt its midsection expand. Pressing against its cock, which had begun to leak into the drain below to keep the toilet vat from overflowing.

The monitors on its lenses went black as covers were lowered on the cameras, and sound of the liquid spraying against the white fixture was all it could hear after a while. Just the sound of a tool being used.

More and more, she shuddered and mentally moaned out with every filling. Horny beyond anything, but unable to do anything about it.

By the time the nine hours were over, and the restraints opened up to let the drone free, UD-855 had amassed a rather large belly. However, the compression systems activated, moving the stored fluid into its arms, chest, and even head, before blocking off the intake port with a shutter. Every movement produced the sound of sloshing, which only served to arouse the feline even more.

The drone got to its feet, automatically reaching up to close off the valves, before disconnecting itself from the system. Its vision returned to that of the room around itself, while the ever-present taste of urine filled its maw. That was from the pumps in its thighs cycling the piss through the drone as it purified the waste back into water. Something it would have to endure for the next hour.

With the shift complete, UD-855 let the programming of the drone state while it took a bit of a back seat to enjoy everything. Its body moved of its own almost robotic accord, turing and signing out on the panel. It moved slightly to the side as the door opened, allowing a pair of snow leopard urinal drones to enter before it left, the two about to start their own nine hours of work. And in truth, UD-855 actually felt slightly envious that it wasn’t getting a second shift in.

Perhaps in another hour, once the drone could be drained of its contents… And as it considered that second shift, the servant bathrooms were looking like a nice choice.

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