Public Service (R)

Posted on Thu 14 March 2019 in The Butterfly Empire

Inspired by “Flexibility” by Icaron

Gallows mumbled under her breath as she was taken within the back section of Echo Glade Castle’s hallways. All she remembered about the day was waking up to a call from Queen Star Seer, only for everything to go black again. When she awakened next, she was bound with a ring gag trapped in and around her beak, all four legs tied to a pole.

The guards in their almost nightmare-inspired black-purple armor stopped as they entered the Royal Furnishings room, before dropping the poor gryphon to the ground and walking away.

Another armored figure—a fellow gryphon—soon came over and untied her forelegs, only to use them to drag her over to a stone slab. Two pairs of iron shackles were embedded in the rock, made to hold down whomever was locked in them without any give.

The furnisher picked Gallows up and placed her chest-first onto the platform. Her talons were then pulled back and locked into the rear pair of cuffs, while her beak was pulled down and held in place by some hooks that attached to the gag. She wasn’t going anywhere as she was. Then came her rear legs, but she was expecting to have them tucked underneath her.

She was wrong.

The avian felt the other gryphon grab her hind legs, only to use her feline flexibility against her. Up and over, her body folded backward against itself, with her own paws trapped against the sides of her face. Her balls came next, stretched by a ring stretcher and linked to the top of her gag with a chain. It hid her rear openings from view, and left the completely inaccessible to the outside world.

Gallows couldn’t feel pain, but she could definitely feel the new aching pressure as she was contorted, with her cock rising up out of its sheath. Helplessness was one of her turn-ons, and she was certainly that, if not worse off.

A cold shiver went through her body as she felt a small ring wrapped around her shaft. It forced her knot to swell, and her member to pulse with growing need. It was a technology she’d helped create, and it wasn’t about to let her go soft for even a second. Not that she would have, given her circumstances.

As soon as the gryphon was locked down tight, the armored furnisher pulled a pair of anti-grav lifters onto the sides of the slab and levitated it, before pushing the entire piece forward into the castle again.

Minutes passed as Gallows watched the guards and staff go by. Then, she found herself outside in the castle gardens. Lush berry bushes and fruit trees filled her vision, as well as a few choice statues and fountains. Those were beings she herself petrified and repurposed, back when she was chief designer for the new castle of the capital. Likewise with the magical path lamps and other features that had once been animate. They were still alive, and many had probably been hired to replace those nearing the end of their contracts, but it still made for a striking view under the darkness of the forest canopy.

Several other contorted beings also came into view, with their names engraved on golden placards attached to the slabs, each accompanied by another that simply said “Public”. They were stamped by the Royal Set Dressing Team. The same team that the furnisher was part of. It made her wonder if this new face had once been part of the actual furnishings, just as all of the others had.

However, they passed all of the public sections, and went into the more private part of the massive botanical bay. An area restricted to diplomats, royal family, and of course the queen herself. A pair of massive statues of the previous Butterfly Crown bearers towered over a flowing stream, perched in a ring of sunlight at the back. There were a couple more living benches dotted around the path, with their heads trapped in metal shells to disguise their identities.

It seemed Gallows had a different fate, though. She was dropped off just underneath the meter-round Star Apple tree in the center of the circular path, opposite of the statues, and simply left there to exist. In a spot she knew quite well, given she had to give the queen a report on where traffic would be heaviest in the entire garden. It was what she referred to as the study spot, being the one place most likely used for someone to study or meditate at.

A high traffic area.

With her limited view, she noticed a pair of guard statues were flanking her. Their smooth reinforced obsidian bodies made a nice contrast to her vibrant red-and-gold colors.

Of course, two questions did remain. Who signed her contract, and for how long?

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