A New Way (NC-17)

Posted on Sun 15 December 2019 in One-Shot

A sunny day at Fallhaven Resort meant tourists abound, especially with summer vacation starting on the worlds of Graiben and Aurumera. And there were quite a few wandering the paths there. From the cute, to the demonic, to the cutely demonic, many species flocked to the snuff resort to enjoy themselves or watch the death-themed games.

However, one of the regular patrons was in what coupld be described as an exceptionally strange form as she walked through the park.

Six hooved Cobalion feet, forming a hexagon-like lower torso, clopped with every set of steps as the turret-like creature moved. The three facings in front were covered by rubbery golden loincloths, while the three in the back had a Lugia’s tail in the center, and two Charizard tails flanking it. A Cobalion’s body sat perched atop it, with four Lugia wingarms and a set of backspines, a pair of Charizard wings just behind them, and a pair of smaller Dragonite wings just above where her two halves connected, along with four rather sizable breasts on her chest.

Then there was the head. A metal collar wrapped around a single neck, leading to a cranium with three Charizard snouts facing left, right and center. She had at least thirty eyes around the perimeter of her skull, giving her sight of everything around her, while a pair of Charizard horns sat between two pairs of Cobalion horns, and two pairs of Dragonite antennae flanked her single Lugia crest.

Quite a few people looked at the monsterous amalgimation in awe as she traveled past, wondering if she was meant to be a boss fight in one of the new roleplay features. Others ignored her, with a few believing she was just showing off.

But as she walked toward one of the VIP areas, a younger adult patron caught sight of the beast. Judging by the tent underneath his own loincloth, the lion wasn’t staring out of shock, either. The open nature of the resort meant Kali could follow at will, and that’s exactly what he’d started doing. Moving through a few twists and turns to keep her in view.

The creature made her way into a secluded clearing deep into the Sundering Forest section of the resort. One filled with a number of freshly-made corpses, kept in a state of non-decay by something. And in the middle, the feline could see the creature smiling at him from all of her mouths—-including the three that had been hiding behind those lower body coverings.

Seems something I’ve done caught your interest.”

Araxia said in an echoy demonic tone as her three narrow snouts spoke in unison, and arm slowly rising while one of her wide fingers beckoned him toward her. “Why don’t you get a closer look?”

That’s exactly what Kali did. His paws dug into the soft ground as he stepped forward, cheeks turning bright red under his dusty tan fur. The demoness was a few feet taller than the humanoid lion, his own face being breast-level with her. His eyes darted along her body, moving from top to bottom repeatedly, and it wasn’t long before his black cock peeked out from around its golden curtain-like covering.

Well, you’re rather transparent.”

And you’re quite beautiful for a demon.” The feline replied, his raspy voice wavering slightly. He gave a weak smile while rubbing the back of his head, looking somewhat nervous as his cheeks turned bright red. “Sorry. Kinda get jealous when I see monsterous-looking beings like yourself.”

That took the demoness by surprise. “Jealous? That’s not a word I was expecting.”

Kali couldn’t help but stand before the creature, just a foot from her. “I enjoy seeing such incredible forms as yours, always wanting my own. Not some cheap TransSuit like so many others, but something outlandish. Something I wouldn’t be able to change back from when I reform. Cursed to become what I love, so to speak.”

Araxia said nothing as she looked around at the piles of bodies around her, only to pluck a tan-colored horse from the top of one of them. And right before his eyes, she pulled the legs off of the corpse with her wide wing-like hands. There was no blood, and in fact, the body seemed to cap itself where the limbs once were. Two more follow suit as she stacked the corpses together, keeping track of what she was salvaging from.

Then allow me to craft you into something more to your liking.” She said, all of her muzzles grinning at once.

He gluped, but swiftly nodded in eagerness. It wasn’t exactly common for another creature to make such an offer. Especially to him.

To start, Araxia lifted the lion up and pulled on one of his legs. It came off as odd that he didn’t feel any pain, especially when the limb broke from his body, but then he felt it replaced by the hooved appendage. As if it’d always been there, and he just didn’t know it. Mobile, sensitive, and powerful. Then came the other leg’s replacement, but shivers went up his spine as she went further. Two back-facing legs pressed against his rump, then one facing to each side went against his hips. Like the others before them, they melded to his body seemlessly, and he could feel the new limb as if they were natural. Sure, his mind was going nuts trying to figure out why he suddenly had six horse legs and a hexagon-like lower torso, but he could move them, feel them, and enjoy them.

Before putting him down, Araxia reached up and removed his arms, leaving him with a bare upper torso while digging through the bodies for appropriate replacements. Not wanting to be left that way, he kept to himself just how much the state was already turning him on, wondering if he’d be able to do such things to himself after she was done.

Unfortunately, she didn’t bring over new arms. Not yet, at any rate. Her wide fingers gripped around his snout as she pulled it free from his head, only to place long black dragon’s snout where it once was. Then another to its left, and yet another to its right. Curved horns soon followed, curling around his ears, while two pairs of straight horns ran just behind them both.

Then came the eyes. One after another, circling over his new maws as his vision widened with every addition. Three. Five. Ten. Twenty-four in total, in a rainbow of colors that looked completely mismatched. He could see more than a hundred-eighty degrees around himself, with only a blind spot directly behind his head. It was chilling, yet somehow not disorienting. As if her magic were helping him to adapt. Or perhaps he was just a natural at changing and never knew it. He couldn’t tell.

Two long tapered cocks were swiftly added to the empty groin facings on his front, while a larger knotted feline shaft replaced what was once his malehood. That piece of himself was placed on the end of a black dragon’s tail, along with matching shafts going on two others, before they were placed on his three rump sections. Then came the muzzles of the horses from before, slipped over his new shafts like sheaths, before turning into cock-tongued maws like the three along the demon’s lower body. He’d noticed all of them drooling as their pink tapered Lugia cocks hung out in front of him, one rubbing against the center rod that now populated his own body.

He was roughly her height at that point, each addition having added a bit more to his mass in all ways. But then she brought two pairs of black lion arms, pressing all four into his upper body at once. A chill shot down his spine as his brain tried to catch up with everything, but it was this change that brought Kali eye-level with Araxia, having gotten a boost from the extra pair of shoulders that stretched him out. A small pair of dragon wings were added just above his turret hips, followed by a large pair on the back between his shoulder pairs, just as she had.

To finish up the demoness pressed her lips against his front-facing maw, breathing a bit of fire deep into his body. This made him cough for a moment, but his coughing was sulfuric… Demonic… Corrupted… He breathed out a heavy sigh of relief when it stopped, only to see yellow smoke billow out from his nostils and snouts. The smell of burning filling the air around him. Even those around his waist breathed out the acrid smoke, warming the shafts that were contained within them.

Kali looked himself over, aroused and in awe over what he’d been turned into. A quick gaze up found himself staring into a tall crystal mirror that Gallius had brought out, and that only served to make his heart—-or from the sound of it, hearts—-beat even harder in lust.

But, before he could say anything, the demoness grinned from each of her mouthes, slipping a wide metal collar around his neck, along with shackles around his wrists. The chains on them were too short to be used for anything, but their black-and-glowing-red aesthetic matched quite well with his new look.

She grabbed hold of the metal links on his collar to pull his face to her own, and Kali found his maws forced open by some mysical energy. He could only watch as a bright blue light left his body through them, pulled into a dark crystal orb that hung from her neck

“What was your name, imp?”

“Kali, unholy one.” The words just seemed to come without thought from his central muzzle, eyes locked to her own. No hesitation, just obedience.

“No more does Kali exist. You are Loxi, a demon amalgamate of lust and corruption, and property of Araxia. Your soul now belongs to me, and you shall remain this way even in your undying moments, until I see fit to change you. You belong to me, for an eternity if I wish.”

“Y-yes, Mistress Araxia.” His words began to turn dreamy. Not empty, but lustful and needy. “I belong to you.”

“Good imp.” She gave him a kiss on his central lips. “Now go and gather pleasure and bodies from the park goers. Find more potential imps and bring them and the bodies here, so I may craft more minions to my desires.”

“At once, unholy one.”

The male chimera scuttled off as soon as he was released, with Araxia watching him get to work. It seemed the CEO of the Freelance Teams might get what she needed for her new project after all.

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