Public Service (R)

Posted on Thu 14 March 2019 in The Butterfly Empire • Tagged with Public Display, Bondage, Gryphon, Contortion, Flexibility, Public Bench, Public Use, Indeterminate Time, No Sex, Taken, Unwilling, Willing

Inspired by “Flexibility” by Icaron

Gallows mumbled under her breath as she was taken within the back section of Echo Glade Castle’s hallways. All she remembered about the day was waking up to a call from Queen Star Seer, only for everything to go black again. When she awakened …

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Chairs, Love! (NC-17)

Posted on Fri 21 September 2018 in At the Mansion • Tagged with Transformation, Inanimate TF, Gryphon, Black Cat, Partial TF, Oral, Oral Sex, Contract, Extended Transformation, Public Use, Orgasm Denial, Chastity

_(Inspired by “Griffonthrone” by Icaron)

Gallows sighed softly as she wandered into the Vega Complex. Situated a ways south of Shirohoshi Headquarters in Kaiberos City, it was the home of Shirohoshi’s CEO, and not somewhere that many people enjoyed going while on business. Pleasure was something the complex …

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