Cubone Cum Dump (NC-17)

Posted on Tue 25 December 2018 in Misc. • Tagged with Gryphon, Cubone, Blaziken, Club Bathroom, Costume TF, Suit TF, Inflatable TF, Condom TF, Ripping, Long Orgasm, Cum Inflation, Reformation, Degradation, Body Marking, Dismemberment, Willing, Herm, Male

Another day, another sigh of relief as Gallows returned home from a day of dealing with some rather irate clients who thought they could pull a fast one on the gryphon and get out of paying a few hundred thousand in gold. Unfortunately for them, disappearances were quite common on …

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Fan Service (NC-17)

Posted on Thu 27 September 2018 in One-Offs • Tagged with inflatable tf, rainbow dash, MLP, puff kiss, birthday, house call, implied sex, unexpected tf, suit tf

Gig Opening – One-off Gig
Time Since Posted: 0m 0d 10h 12m
Time Remaining: ?m ?d ?h ?m
Location: Bridgestar Store 1312, Corelight Glade, Zanshi
Contact: Zire Grethor, Sales Manager
Requirements: BXS-0122 Training
Attachments: Suit-1211372.xar

Description: Looking for someone with a BXS-0122 modeled after the
character in the attached picture …

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Scraps of Love (NC-17)

Posted on Tue 18 September 2018 in One-Offs • Tagged with Gryphon, Solo, Herm-To-Male, Costume TF, Suit TF, Inflatable TF, Popping, Instant Orgasm, Snuff, Reformation, Casual Snuff, Casual Popping, Willing

A squee could be heard throughout the empty Breakwater Hideaway as Gallows came rushing down a hallway, ducking into her bedroom at the last moment and slamming the door. Once that was locked, she tossed a steel packing crate the floor next to her bed and went to work opening …

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