Pipeworks - UD-855θ

Posted on Fri 27 September 2019 in At the Mansion

(Theta belongs to rubberglovedragon)

Muffled moans and whimpers echoed in the mostly empty service room as UD-855 found itself being lead under some pipework. The black rubber tiger drone still had its dark green stripes, and lighter green biohazard symbols on its thighs, chest, and back. It still had the green lenses with its molded head, and the single mouth port that had a three-way wye adapter screwed and locked into it. It still had the mitten hands and boot feet, and two hoses were connected into the pump ports on its hips.

But it wasn’t UD-855. The yellow lettering on its arms read UD-855θ, with the theta symbol attached at the end, and it wore bright yellow latex gloves over its mittens, sealed on with a bit of glue. The former kobold had been found through a help wanted ad, planted in certain papers for those seeking extra income on the side. He hadn’t expected any of this, though.

The real UD-855 itself was already tied down at the other end of the room, sitting on its knees under a metal plate that read Executive Washroom. Forced upright with its arms bound against its back, torso wrapped to make it appear as if it had no arms, the feline quivered in a blissful state, belly already inflated and sloshing. Just above the drone’s head, three hoses were joined into another adapter, leading them into the one stream that fed into the drone’s maw. It looked identical to the Theta unit, aside from the lettering and accessories.

However, as Theta was brought into its own stall by a pair of identical dragon drones, it caught sight of the two rows of other binding posts, passing down the middle of them. Alpha, Beta, Gamma… Twenty four tigers, all with the number UD-855, and twenty-three getting a greek symbol tacked on. Theta simply completed the set.

When they got to the eighth pair of stalls from the entryway, Theta was pulled into the one on its right. A sign above its head said Party Room, and three more of the foreboding hoses hung down from the ceiling, each connected to the same sort of adapter that it possessed on its face.

The two security drones didn’t give Theta a good chance to get acquainted with its surroundings, bringing it around to face away from the wall, its back to the barrier. After being brought to its knees by some sort of automated programming, its arms lowered to its sides, where a pair of metal cuffs locked around its wrists to keep it in place. A similar set grabbed its ankles, while one more wrapped around its neck, securing it to the wall like all of the other fixtures around it.

One of the dragons reached up and grabbed the drain tubes, pulling them down to the proper level to connect it. The lone free hose was extended, then screwed into place on the urinal drone’s mask, before a metal clamp was locked down by a pair of padlocks.

Then, the other lizard gripped a handle on the wall, pulling it down. This switched the toilets in question into another mode, removing the typical flushing mechanism and water. It also caused a timer to appear on the screen in Theta’s lenses.


Before they left, one of the two pulled another cable from the ceiling and inserted it into the back of the urinal drone’s head. For Theta, all sound and sight of the room around it disappeared, replaced by a crotch-level view of the restroom toilets it was attached to, and the sound of muffled music coming from nearby. The picture only showed briefly, before leaving it in darkness.

The guards turned and left in a practically robotic manner, while another being approached the former kobold. It couldn’t see them, but it could feel their clawed hand caressing its jaw, with the sensation of some sort of armor or scales on the back of it.

So, you’re the one who answered the ad my daughter put out.” They said, their deep, feminine, and rather sensual voice echoing slightly. “Theta unit… Very well. After your first shift is over, come to the manager’s office and speak to me. My daughter will be a little…preoccupied for the next sixty hours, so I’d like a bit of company.”

The hand moved away, and within moments, the drone felt warm liquid splashing against its rubber face and body. A spray, coating it from head to tail, as the other person obviously emptied what they had in their bladder onto it. They made sure to mostly aim for the face and head, standing over them to do so.

Enjoy yourself, Theta unit. Do well enough tonight, and I might just start you out on executive bathroom urinal and cleaning duty. But just remember, you’re my property for the next six months, and I expect your best.”

Whoever it was walked off toward the entry, leaving only the music of the paired room in the feline’s head. And from the sound of a zipper being moved, Theta felt that its day was about to really start.

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