Bowing to a King (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Practice Stories

A growl echoed in my mind as I stretched a bit, leaning back in bed. My arms went high while my massive legs pressed against the footboard beneath me. Release parties were always fun, but that had been the first time I’d held one in my actual home on Saiden.

F3:21:8D:31:22 - ⇋ 95e0:59a3:c255:69ef:e37e:fb00:c6c0:6f6f

I looked at the glowing symbols on my wide arm. That’s right… Some of the team had decided to lock me in a Zekrom lovedoll TransSuit, and connected me to the OmNI network.

I had the shield-like wide guards over my mittened hands and arms, and wings sprouting from my shoulders, each with their own handles built in. I had a smooth chest, leading down to a low groin with wide hips, and a pair of three-toed stompers that stayed partially bent. The tail was a massive conical generator with a few spikes near the tip, held on with a thinner stalk just above an open silicone-lined tailhole, itself just behind a generic vaginal onahole.

Getting to my feet with a soft squeak, I stared into the mirror with an eyeless gaze. Looking back was a stock Zekrom doll. Black and grey from head to toe, aside from a pulsing blue glow inside the tail, and along a ring and tip around the outside. My head held a single horn, with the tip pulsing in time with a blue glow of its own, while my angular face and broad pointed snout was tipped with a black silicone opening for a mouth.

Just a generic Alpha-tier blank doll. Not even the typical smile around the mawhole. Not even a vocalizer to talk with. No one would know who I really was just looking at me.


The timer along my right arm ticked away. Slowly counting down how long I had left before the zipper reappeared. Ten and a three-quarters hours, Shiromori standard temporal cadence. Clever, encoding it as a simple hexadecimal math problem. Probably didn’t think I’d figure out you had to sum the chunks and convert to minutes.

With a mental chuckle, I put on my usual collar and made my way out of the house, bouncing slightly with every step. I felt light, so I was likely inflatable, with a valve placed somewhere that I couldn’t see. Not that it mattered. Especially with the knotted inflatable dildo that I felt in a cavity in my groin, hidden behind a nice rubber-lined slit. I wasn’t just limited to a hole in my crotch to get off with for once.

It just felt nice to be something so simple.

Before long, I made my way to the ARCC portal down the street, and through the silvery liquid gateway that connected my home world to other planets in the network. From the sunrise over my city of Grythosi, I passed into the midday rush in Barrow Falls, off on the world of Aurumera.

The Red District was as busy as ever with the sun overhead. Beings of all kinds walked along the sidewalks, as the typical vehicular morphs went along the inner roads, and aeromorphs and flyers wandered the skyways overhead.

Unfortunately for me, I felt someone grab one of my wing handles not three steps off the portal podium, dragging me away like a common toy. Not that I really minded, given I wore my Open Invitation collar charm for that specific effect.

Once they’d stopped and looked me over, I could see who had grabbed me. Another cheap Alpha-tier love doll like myself, only a generic pink wolf with heart-shaped paw pads on their mitten hands. Blank face with minimal markings around the muzzle, and a red mouth opening. Obviously no vocalizer, so they weren’t going to be saying anything.

Before long, they pulled me away again, this time into one of the nearby role-play clubs that dotted the area. One of the toy shop clubs, to be exact. Several other dolls were in display cases, frozen in place in the front window, while others were posed along the shop floor, wrapped around mannequins, deflated and put into boxes, and some wearables even hanging from hangers and racks.

As I found myself dragged into the back, I came face-to-face with a well-known being of interest, sitting atop an inflatable throne. The blank-faced green dragon was obviously staring at me, and I could feel its invisible grin as the wolf put me down on one knee before the king.

Molkor Ulencha. A self-made kingpin of toy shop clubs in the area. I couldn’t say it was a bad toy, as it looked after everyone that was pulled in, but they had a stranglehold on the area as far as such spaces went.

The dragon adjusted the inflatable crown attached to its head, then looked down until its snout was right above my face. Not in a threatening way, but more like it was examining me. Observing me.

I didn’t care. Within seconds, I’d leaned forward, taking Molkor’s shiny dildo into my mawhole like a proper slut. The dragon gripped my wing handles almost instinctively as my head bobbed up and down along that shaft, shuddering as much as I did as sensitive latex flesh squeaked against vinyl lining.

Molkor gripped harder, thrusting into my face as my snout collapsed into itself with each press of its body, making me feel the outline of its groin. The older model toy couldn’t take the pressure for long, though. It shuddered hard, and my maw suddenly filled with synthcum as ropes upon ropes of the stuff sprayed deep within my body.

A few more strands got me on the face as it pulled out, but I could sense its satisfaction. They’d been rather pent up, and I was more than happy to help it deal with it.

One of Molkor’s guards wiped my face off, and as much as I enjoyed gazing out through a nice film of jizz, it was appreciated. But then Molkor did something unexpected. I felt my collar being removed, only for another to be put in its place. A pink one holding a heart-shaped tag that simply read Molkor’s Toy, which I could see in my reflection on Molkor’s shined chest. At least, until it merged with my neck, becoming the only painted detail in that area. Didn’t even need a padlock to seal it onto me.

Seemed I got more than just its trust.

Not that I’d complain, mind you. Being a slutty fucktoy owned by a major kink kingpin wasn’t new to me, and admittedly, the thought of being under Molkor’s feet was fiercely turning me on. But I also knew it didn’t keep its toys for long, usually letting them go after only a day. I just wondered how long they’d keep me.

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