Sharp Wit (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 03 August 2020 in One-Off • Tagged with inanimate tf, sword tf, inanimate, cobalion, charizard, pokemon

I tried to whimper as I laid out on the table, but the round gemstone gag shoved tight into my maw made that impossible. My legs were bound together tightly, and my arms folded up so my hands were on my shoulders. Behind me, I could hear the sound of …

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Three In One (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 03 August 2019 in At the Mansion • Tagged with Transformation, costume TF, unwilling, willing, inanimate, fox, wolf, snow Leopard, gryphon, male, toy, blanking, clothing TF

“Well, aren’t you a cute one?”

The red gryphon looked over her guest as the snowy leopard squirmed in his bindings. A knotted dildo gag filled Greg’s maw as he knelt on the ground, wrists tied behind his back to a spreader bar that sat between his ankles …

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