A Swinging Gryph (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 07 January 2019 in Microfiction • Tagged with snuff, microfiction, hanging, asphyxiation, airless hood, gryphon, male, death

The phoenix gryphon moaned desperately against his gag as his cock was teased. He didn’t know how his captor had gotten it on him, but the dwindling air within the thick latex hood he wore was slowly fading into nothingness, escaping into a one-way vacuum from underneath the rope …

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Scraps of Love (NC-17)

Posted on Tue 18 September 2018 in One-Offs • Tagged with Gryphon, Solo, Herm-To-Male, Costume TF, Suit TF, Inflatable TF, Popping, Instant Orgasm, Snuff, Reformation, Casual Snuff, Casual Popping, Willing

A squee could be heard throughout the empty Breakwater Hideaway as Gallows came rushing down a hallway, ducking into her bedroom at the last moment and slamming the door. Once that was locked, she tossed a steel packing crate the floor next to her bed and went to work opening …

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