A Swinging Gryph (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 07 January 2019 in Microfiction

The phoenix gryphon moaned desperately against his gag as his cock was teased. He didn’t know how his captor had gotten it on him, but the dwindling air within the thick latex hood he wore was slowly fading into nothingness, escaping into a one-way vacuum from underneath the rope around his neck. His wings and arms were bound to his body, and his feet locked together with a small metal encasement of some sort.

He heard nothing through the blackness that surrounded him, nor could he see. His aching shaft throbbed in the middle of the air. Then…


The floor fell from underneath his feet as he swung in the air, the rope tightening around his throat. The weight caused him to move back and forth freely, and his body began to twitch as much as his cock, the latter spraying out seed like crazy as orgasm took hold.

Second after second, stream after stream of spunk, he wafted in the wind. His mind taken by both the void and blissful pleasure of his situation. His lungs ached, burning from lack of oxygen.

Then, after several minutes of being nothing more than a free-floating cum fountain, his body twitched a few more times, and the dark nothingness of death took over. He moved no more, his shaft going limp as what little remained of his bliss leaked onto the ground below. Left as a symbol of what happened, to remind him when he returned.

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