Scraps of Love (NC-17)

Posted on Tue 18 September 2018 in One-Offs

A squee could be heard throughout the empty Breakwater Hideaway as Gallows came rushing down a hallway, ducking into her bedroom at the last moment and slamming the door. Once that was locked, she tossed a steel packing crate the floor next to her bed and went to work opening it with her personal combination.

Once the lid popped open on its hinges, the glee on the red gryphon’s face grew even brighter, and her talons jolted into the container to remove some of the contents. A few new costumes were folded up in the space, along with some accessories and clothing to go with them. But Gallows wasn’t interested in putting them up like she usually was. She carefully tore open the perforated plastic bag that held one of the items, and unrolled the suit in her talons, a tag marked Gerikol falling to her feet.

The gryphon’s smile grew brighter. She wasted no time in getting the suit on, pulling the zipper tab down and slipping her lion paws into the golden talon feet of the suit. The golden brown of the character’s body shined under the ceiling lights, and with every bit of herself that got into the outfit, she could feel the smooth vinyl skin cooling her. Her talons slid into the arms of the biped, changing into more paw-like pieces. But once she got her head into the suit, she quickly closed the chain, making sure it was sealed nice and tight.

Gerikol’s silver beak was in her view, and as she looked down, she found herself quite happy and aroused. She had become a translucent pool toy version of one of her story characters, complete with an inflatable cock and balls between her legs, and several plastic valves for the various chambers of her new air-filled body.

Gallows reached up with a tan paw and began to rub along the beak and between her ears, finding the squeaking of vinyl on vinyl to be quite nice. But her test for the new suit was just beginning.

She fetched her tablet’s stylus from her desk and jumped onto the fluffy mattress in front of her, bouncing slightly as she hit the black latex sheets. Then, after getting comfortable, she began rubbing along the stiffened length of her black gryphon cock with her free hand. The sensitive flesh sent a shiver up her spine, her beak opening to creak out a happy skree of bliss. And then, with her other hand, she jabbed the sharpened nib tip of the stylus into her leg.

There was no pain. No sense of ache. Just a loud bang of sudden decompression, a rain of rubber scraps, and the loss of all sensation of having a right hind limb. And with that bang, the gryphon arched her back as she instantly orgasmed, her cock spewing jets of organic cum onto her chest and face. She didn’t even make a meek chirp, as her voice left her the moment her bliss took over. It was like all the pressure of the world suddenly left her.

After a few moments of breathless panting and afterglow, the toy did the same thing to her left leg. Another pop, another stream of cum, and another pile of torn pieces littering the room.

This time, she had to let herself come out of her lustful high before she could even move. Her semen-coated face dripped onto the bed behind her, and as she rose up, it was almost enough to set her off again. The sight of her lower body, with some useless dangling pieces of torn vinyl dangling off of them. The actual talons seemed to still be in one piece, but the legs connecting them were all over the place.

Whimpering eagerly, she jabbed the sharp point into her free arm. Her paw blew off as shreds of brown exploded from the decompression, and this time, she managed to catch the jet of her seed inside of her open beak, swallowing every salty drop she could get into her.

Gallows knew what she had to do next.

She put the stylus in her silver maw and turned her head, poking the tip into her other shoulder. And just like before, a wave of lustful warmth showered over her. The soaked paw itself laid flat and deflated over her shaft, but her shoulders were practically bare all the way to the connecting seals—or at least what was left of them.

Using her beak, she slipped the stylus between her pillows. She wasn’t about to end her fun with just those silly limbs gone. With a bit of effort, she managed to pull herself up and press the nib against her jaw.



The world became warm and blissful, and dark nothingness washed over the felavian as her head chamber exploded into pieces. What was left of her body writhed and wiggled in orgasm, and she still felt every bit of it even in death. And when the body, tail, and cock came to a standstill, there was nothing… Nothing at all…

Later, the gryphon woke up on the floor of her bedroom with a yawn, still in her suit. Sitting up, she looked over at what remained of her old body, and the mess it had left. The pool of sticky spunk alone was going to take a while to clean up, but she didn’t care. She rather needed that release, and it was something she’d been looking forward to for far too long.

And as Gallows removed herself from the outfit to deal with chores, she promised herself a bit more popping fun later on. After all, once she pops, she doesn’t want to stop.

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