Fan Service (NC-17)

Posted on Thu 27 September 2018 in One-Offs

Gig Opening – One-off Gig
Time Since Posted: 0m 0d 10h 12m
Time Remaining: ?m ?d ?h ?m
Location: Bridgestar Store 1312, Corelight Glade, Zanshi
Contact: Zire Grethor, Sales Manager
Requirements: BXS-0122 Training
Attachments: Suit-1211372.xar

Description: Looking for someone with a BXS-0122 modeled after the
character in the attached picture. Contact Zire Grethor
personally for more details.
<<< Uh… Zire? Mind sending me info on the listing you posted? I have the suit requested, but what’s the gig about?

>>> Oh! Uh… Call me? It’s best if I just explain over a voice call.

Several hours later, a squeaky knock tapped away at the door of a house in downtown Corelight Glade, leaving its lone vulpine occupant rather confused. He jumped off his couch and onto his feet, quickly pausing the video he’d been watching and turning off the TV before walking to his front door.

Once the white fox reached it, he peered through the eyehole, and what he found on the other side made his cheeks go bright red. His paw-like hand quickly turned down the handle and opened the door, coming face to face with what he could only describe as a dream.

A pastel blue toon-like equine, made of vinyl and plastic, stood in front of him, smiling from ear to ear. Although clearly having rounded hoof-like forelegs in place of hands, she was very much humanoid, standing on her hind legs with ease. On her hips was a marking: a cloud with a lightning bolt-shaped rainbow jutting from the bottom. It was one the fox knew all too well.

“Kenny Grethor?” Rainbow Dash asked, her slightly shrill voice sounding identical to that of the original. The fox quickly nodded. “I hear you’re a bit of a fan of mine.”

“Uh… Yeah!” Ken replied moving out of the way. “P-p-please! Come in!”

The toy equine walked inside the modest apartment, noticing there was a lot of merchandise of her and her friends. But it was mostly of herself, in and out of her Wonderbolts uniform. Quite a bit seemed to be custom made as well, including plush toys and posters, and even several statues. And as she followed him into the living room, she noticed a fuzzy Rainbow Dash costume hanging up in a closet, just barely visible through the door.

“Oh wow! There’s a Rainbow Dash Fan Club here, too? Scootaloo’s branching out.”

Ken looked around before realizing what the equine was saying. “Oh… Oh! No, this is…all…mine…” His voice trailed off as the red of his cheeks became much brighter. Even a toy Rainbow Dash praising him while in character made him feel like he was soaring high.

“All yours huh?” She replied with a smirk. “Well, you can’t get more awesome than me to put up on the walls!”


The flustered fox was eyeing the smooth curves of the pooltoy horse, with her seams and hip handles and painted-on eyes. In his mind, she might as well have been the real deal, given how much he idolized her.

“Of course… I also heard other things about you. Things you’ve got of me.”

Ken’s eyes went wide as she bore down on him, practically pinning the poor vulpine against the wall of his own home. Her wide smile turned into a devious grin, almost seductively so. Then, she pressed her lips against his for a deep and sultry kiss.

Immediately, the fox’s libido shot through the roof, as did the heat emanating from his face. He closed his eyes, and his hands moved of their own accord, gripping RD’s sides lovingly. It was like he was in his bed, with the custom doll he’d ordered soon after he’d discovered the show. Only this time, the doll was taking a bit of the command.

But what he wasn’t noticing was that his face was slowly changing. The slender vulpine muzzle was turning broad and puffy, reds and blacks becoming the same azure blue of the equine they were pressing against. Flesh and fur became squeaky vinyl, shining under the lights of his home.

As the changes spread, more and more of his face and head began to match that of Rainbow Dash. Pointed ears became equine, and his yellow eyes soon changed into the deep ruby red irises of his idol, painted on while still mobile somehow.

His paws filled out into clumsy hooves, with his legs becoming rounder and more doll-like. His hair, black as night, turned into long rainbow strands along with his tail. His body, plumping up from its lanky nature to match that of the candy-colored horse in front of him. A valve appeared on his belly, and handles on his shoulders next to his new puffy wings, as well as an extra pair on his hips. This tore away the underwear he’d had on, revealing a long equine shaft and balls, equally as inflated as his new self.

And when it was all done, the cutie mark appeared on his hips near the plastic handles: a white cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt. The mark of Rainbow Dash herself.

RD pulled herself back, a smirk across her face as she looked over the dazed former fox to admire her handiwork. “Mmm… How’d you like that kiss?”

It took a bit for poor Kenny to regain his senses, and when he did, he couldn’t help but stare at his own shiny body in awe. He felt almost weightless with the air filling him. The chambered walls of his limbs and head were like a slightly tense muscle, but not painful. Just stiff. And the stiff inflatable shaft between his legs wasn’t helping him hide is real feelings about the situation.

“Ground control to Color Streak!” She said, waving a hoof across his face. Calling him by his character’s name definitely got his attention, in more ways than one. “I said, how’d you like that kiss?”

The blushing toy stallion let out a meek squeak as he pulled her back toward himself to get to kissing again. They were both light enough that he could drag the mare to his bedroom with as little effort as possible. He had plans, if she was willing. And willing, she was.

Fourteen hours, three erotic CGI animations, and six tanks of helium later, Rainbow Dash left the stallion’s apartment with her legs bowed just a bit. And as she walked, the zipper along her back came down, allowing Gallows out of the suit with a sigh of relief. As much as she loved those types of jobs, they were always the most exhausting in the end.

The red phoenix gryphon grabbed her phone from her exposed arm, the lower portion of the suit still worn and active as she passed by several more apartment complexes along the street. She dialed Zire’s number, a smile across her beak as it rang.

“Hey Zire? It’s Gallows. Yeah… Color Streak’s fine. Yeah, I set it to indefinite like you asked. No, I didn’t tell him, but I did make sure he had a happy birthday. … No, Zire. I’m probably not gonna walk normal for a few days as it is. … Hmm? Sixty thousand bits? Well, when you put it that way… I’ll drop off the suit in about two hours, once I get back to base. Buh-bye.”

In the back of her mind, she was rather happy to hand over the reins to the newly-minted inflatable pegasus’s brother, even if he was going to be playing Rainbow Dash for quite a while. However, part of her had a few other ideas. Ideas that played out in rather spectacular fashion in her head.

Looking at her phone, she quickly dialed it again.

“Hey Zire? Got— …Gallus!? That… Oh, alright! I’ll be there in a little while. But I’m charging a cleaning fee if that’s gonna be the case.”

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