Lucari-boned (NC-17)

Posted on Thu 25 March 2021 in Practice Stories

Another day of doing gig work was over, and I leaned back in my bed to relax a bit. I hadn’t even changed out of the suit I’d used for the one-off job I’d taken, and given how I felt, I had no plans on getting out of it for a while.

My black thumbless paw rubbed along the vinyl shaft that stuck up between my legs, a bit of spent cum still glisening against the smooth blue and black of my body. A faceless non-anthro Lucario love doll, well-used by a number of partners while I was roaming through the Red District streets in Roldel Hills earlier. One of many among a rainbow of colors available, all as generic toys and toysuits. I didn’t even have a serial number or identifier. Just a product ID and warning labels printed on one hip, and a standard matrix UPC printed on the other.

Felt nice.

However, as I began prodding the air valve on my belly with my other paw, I happened to glance back toward my bedroom door. Walking in was one of my Cubone, looking rather flustered as he waddled into the room, closing the door behind him. Then, his eyes fell on me, and I watched as he climbed up onto the bed.

I knew what he wanted, and I wasn’t about to deny him. I spread and raised my legs, giving him access to the soft vinyl hole behind my sheath. And once my handpaws were up in a bit of a pose, I let myself go inanimate. Nothing more than an actual toy, lying there waiting to be taken.

Without hesitation, my little Cubone grabbed onto my hips, and unceremoniously shoved his thick cock deep into those folds. The tag on his collar clattering against its ring with every desperate thrust he made into me. All I could do was mentally moan out, my body squeaking as he gripped me tightly with his tri-digit hands.

With every moment, sheer bliss shot through my body, and I could feel my lovely little Pokémon’s pressure building. His cock throbbed madly against my inflated walls, coating them with precum that leaked from the tip of his tapered shaft. And to make matters more interesting, his mouth found its way around my own vinyl cock, teasing it with every fiber of his being.

I could do nothing but sit there, enjoying every bit of what my Cubone gave me.

His hips pumped faster and faster, and his breathing became heavier. Then, I felt him shudder against me as hot cum splattered inside of me, some even spilling back out onto the latex sheets that we were on.

Eventually, the torrent subsided, and my Cubone pulled himself free, basking in the afterglow as he flopped back onto the bed. My own body began to relax as well, my mind swimming in pleasure from being used. What a way to end a day.

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