Time Cubed 2 (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 15 July 2020 in Experimental

After spending most of the day and night toying around with the Shapemaster—including sleeping in that pseudo-die form, once I figured out that the time setting could actually go up to six hours—I dropped off the prototype at work. Joshua and Chris were elated with the feedback I gave them, and handed over another prototype before I left. Their team worked fast, and apparently I wasn’t the only one who wanted certain features.

Deciding I needed a bit more privacy, I walked into my bedroom and locked the door behind me, taking myself into the side room where my pets used to sleep. The place had become a bit of a dungeon area, so my usual bondage and sex stuff were neatly sorted along the walls and such.

With my lab coat off and tossed onto the coat hook, I pulled my new Shapemaster prototype out and sat it down, looking over the instructions again. This time, the sliders were replaced with a touchscreen, allowing me to make much finer settings. And I knew exactly how I wanted to spend the next thirty minutes.

After making my selections, I pressed the button to activate the device, watching as the box grew into its chamber-like state. The walls surrounded me once again, and the smell of plastanium filled my nostrils. The effect field worked really fast for a prototype.

This time, on Chris’s suggestion, I sat down on the floor of the chamber as it formed, knees against my chest and my head down in my groin. Having a slightly longer neck in my birthright’s dragon form made wrapping my lips around my hardened erection really easy. And soon, the sides began bearing down on me, the ceiling coming down faster than last time to adjust for the empty space.

I felt my horns squash against the top facing, while my arms, wings, tail, and legs were pressed against the sides and formed into the corners, compressing nicely in their new synthetic state. I could feel it coming in together, my entire body deforming from its bipedal anthroid shape into this tiny space. My limbs were just gone, and my head followed shortly after, though my maw was still filled with the taste and sensation of my cock.

Then, something felt like it drove all the way through me. Once…and again…and again… Four times from top to bottom. Four times from side to side. Each sending a wave of pure bliss through me as if I’d just achieved instant orgasm.

In short order, the walls opened up again, and I found myself spilling out on the table I’d been standing next to, with the mirror wall showing how I looked. Or rather, how all of me looked.

Instead of a single one meter cube, I’d turned on one of the other experimental settings. Staring back from multiple angles, there were sixty-four cubes, each around a centimeter and a half on all sides. I felt myself in so many different places, each individual piece able to move independently to my will. Golden boxes of plastanium, already adorned with inset pips to make me look like a set of dice.

And not only could I roll my selves around, I found that I could bring each piece of me up into the air for a short time, only to tumble to the ground and roll around as if I were thrown, the impact as pleasurable as if someone had just penetrated my usual organic body. Yet, I didn’t feel copies of myself. What was once pieces of my face were mixed with limbs and body, and my genitals were somewhere off to the side. I still sensed what was where, but the chaos wasn’t just arousing, it was exciting.

I had a ball rolling my selves in a bit of mock gaming, though every toss made me moan out in my own mind. Using other pieces of myself as game tokens to move across a board I had lying around from a gaming session with one of my pets earlier.

However, the thirty minute timer ended, and each piece of me found itself teleported back into the Shapemaster with a sudden rush of darkness, reassembled into their proper places. The walls opened up, and I flopped out onto the floor, having still been huddled over from when the transformation started.

Panting, I slowly got to my feet, legs wobbling from the intense sensations I’d just been putting myself through. But there was a good reason I only wanted it for thirty minutes.

I got back to the device and started messing with the controls again. Changing only a few specific settings to satisfy my desires. Then, I activated the Shapemaster, and sat down on the floor while it once again surrounded me with its walls.

Those walls closed in, but rather than sharp edges and angles, my body began to smooth out. Compressing tighter and tighter in place. Limbs and features disappearing into sensations of an endless surface. Practically polished to perfection.

When the light returned, I find myself dropped onto the floor, bouncing softly against the green marble surface. The moment I connected with the chilling stone, I had an intense mental orgasm, throwing me for a bit of a loop as my body compressed and rebounded.

The world around me was like when I was a cube, but so seamless… A sphere. A rubber ball, as smooth as could be. Nothing but a solid black orb.

And much like the dice, I found I could not only roll around, but jump myself into the air, with my viewpoint always seemingly locked like a gimbal. Of course, each bounce rocked me to my very core, but it didn’t take long to kind of get used to it, keeping my focus to what I was trying to do.

I got my momentum going just enough to bounce up onto the design table I kept in the dungeon room, creating custom gear and toys for my pet projects. Stuff that either wouldn’t be sold, or would be mass-produced just to push someone’s buttons. Sometimes with me on the other side of said button.

Being that I was supposed to be malleable from both my own will and from outside forces, I decided to test the former a bit more. My spheroid self hopped up onto one of the resin busts I’d made for one of my pets, settling right between their leonine ears.

Then, I began pulling myself down around the fake head, my form twisting and stretching as it engulfed the platinum plated piece. Little by little, I managed to seep around it, making myself just a bit bigger as my mass moved outward, and one side of my body flattened against the surface beneath me.

Then, I slipped down around the neck, and wrapped myself around it. I opened a couple of holes along my top section making them into tubing that led into the nostril openings of the mask that I’d been pulling myself onto. And within the maw, I managed to form a dildo gag, shoving it deep into the mouth opening of the statue.

Looking at the mirror wall, I saw what I’d made myself into. A living ball hood, with a simple stem at the top, and nothing but a mirror shine of featureless latex around the cranium.

I flowed a bit of myself down to the table, and with some effort, I managed to make a pair of matching ball mitts from my orb form. Then a pair of matching boots, and a cock sheath that would turn that into its own squeaky orb as well. But even as an experienced natural shapeshifter, I found myself having to concentrate on what I was becoming, rather than how I usually worked.

And that alone made the experience worth it. A challenge, and one I was enjoying with every fiber of my being.

Sadly, the next thirty minute session came to an abrupt end while I was simply basking in the feeling of being that kink gear. After a brief moment of darkness, I found myself quickly coming to on the floor, the walls of the Shapemaster clearing from around me. The box reassembled itself in my lap, and for once, I was left wanting.

I was left wanting to be that kink gear for a while. To be worn as someone either struggled to get themself off, or to even have any sense of anything. To have us both be used in some form or fashion. Part of me even wanted to try becoming one of those ball-shaped full-body suits, having someone inside of me while we both just kinda chilled as an orb of sorts.

Maybe I could come up with a cube version as well. The thought made me smile as I let myself fall back onto the floor.

The Shapemaster was definitely living up to its goals. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in a long time.

But for now, I actually had some feedback to send off. Ideas for the next iteration, and ideas for how I’d be spending some of the day.

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