Time Cubed (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 13 July 2020 in Experimentations

Guh… Things were boring around the family mansion with everyone working. The only ones still home were my children, the house staff, and the various pets that many of us had. I didn’t feel like bothering Sienna during her studies, Demidra was enjoying her time in the pool with her boyfriend, and both Ziner and Kineos were working on their usual experiments. Admittedly, I was getting rather tempted to just grab one of my TransSuits, or a kink suit, and head out for a while.

However, that soon changed. As soon as I turned toward my closet, my eyes caught sight of something I’d almost completely forgotten about. A surprise from one of the research teams that I’d been handed on the way out of the office.

I opened the rather plain-looking cardboard box, finding a note just under the flaps, and what I could only describe as a strange golden box within the contained. The latter was a perfect one-meter cube, covered in segmented golden plates along its entire outer surface, with only a single black dot on one side. Curious, I looked at the note that came with it, carefully placing the cube on my desk at the same time.

<< VCXE Project 182232, Shapemaster Series. This product is designed to turn the user into a geometric shape of their choosing for a preset time. However, these geometric shapes remain mostly mobile, retain their senses, and are able to alter their form to create orifices—either of their own volition, or if willing, through molding from an outsider.

Our target audience are people who wish for times of true simplicity. Where they can literally remove the complexity of their physical selves and just be, while still having the capability to have a bit of fun in the process. While niche, we believe they would make good custom order products in the catalog.

The current prototype only allows for one hour transformations at its maximum settings, and only allows for minimal features to be retained by the user during their transformation, if they choose to keep them. We hope to receive feedback from all field testers before the end of the current testing cycle. Thank you for your assistance. - Starfall Labs >>

My cheeks began turning somewhat red as I followed along with the words. The weird and unorthodox were something of a love of mine, and this likely wouldn’t be an exception.

The instructions were written on the back of the sheet, so I placed it down as I picked up the cube in my other hand. The first slider set the shape, and I switched that to what I wanted. The second was size, then the third was feature level, and finally the duration slider, which I maxed out without hesitation.

<< Before continuing, bring any objects you wish to interact with to your chosen transformation spot, as some shapes will have more difficulty with movement than others. >>

I quickly grabbed a few dildos from my bedside table and plopped them onto the latex sheets. Then, I took a deep breath and pressed the black gemstone pad on the top of the cube.

The plates expanded out around me, circling until they surrounded my body. Then, they extended, forming walls around me, blocking out the light of my room. I had no idea what to expect.

I soon felt the walls closing in on me, slowly compressing around my form. But I wasn’t being forced to kneel, as I couldn’t move. A statis field, perhaps? No… I knew that smell… Plastanium. A plastanium field had engulfed me, shifting my mass into the durable, pliable material, down to my very core.

And pliable was right. Could feel my head painlessly squishing down as the ceiling came down onto it. Horns and cranium flattening in the process. The sides soon joined in, but with the settings I’d made, the didn’t get far before stopping where they were. Perfectly aligned.

The ceiling didn’t stop, though. The lower it got, the more my body spread out. Filling in the empty space within the portable compressor. I stopped feeling any sensation of a head or arms, before my legs and hooves joined them in a virtual void of numbness. Even my groin and genitals, going away into the mass that I was becoming.

When it was over, the box split apart and reassembled on the bed nearby, leaving me where I sat. I could see in every direction, as if my body were like one big eye. But in the mirror across from where I laid, I could see what I had become, just as much as I could feel it.

A perfect one meter cube. Practically tiny compared to what I normally stood. My facings were cyan with white accent lines, and the segmented blue crystal horns I once had were nothing more than markings along each of the edges, transitioning around the rounded corners of my form. Literally, nothing more than that cube, with the ability to feel each surface and see the space around me. I couldn’t speak, but I could hear. And I could certainly taste, given the flavor of rubber coming from my bottom facing as I remained perched on the sheets.

I tried moving, and yes, it was difficult. It took a lot of willpower, but the strangest part wasn’t the fact that I managed to flip myself. It was the lack of orientation. I had no sense of gravity, so as I fell onto what could count as my back, I still felt as if I were upright, and my view of the world matched. Like I was on some sort of gimbal. Someone could’ve probably rolled me like a die, and I wouldn’t have even been fazed by it.

With a bit more effort, I got myself over next to the toy Charizard cock I’d put down between a couple of my pillows. Then, I rocked onto the tiny shaft, and within moments, I was somehow able to slowly alter myself. My mass began collapsing into my core, forming a shallow hole over the silicone shaft. Flowing around the rod as tightly as a latex suit would be.

The sensation made me shudder both physically and mentally. It was such an odd feeling, being nothing more than this generic object, yet still alive…sentient…and horny as hell. I was used to compressing and mashing others like this with my magic, but being on the receiving end… That was exciting.

As I swallowed the dildo into my body, every surface of the toy teased and rubbed against me. Its tip slowly made its way down to my center, and my sight made it look as if I were deepthroating the thing in a full 360-degree view.

Eventually, I hilted the half-meter cock, and I shivered hard and fast in place. Just getting to that point made me orgasm hard enough to throw me for a loop, and if I’d been organic still, I would have been a panting and moaning mess. No cum had come out of me, yet I felt like I’d just let loose several liters of jizz from somewhere.

After recovering a bit of my mental facilities, I rolled myself over to the instructions again, reading them over while my mass ejected the toy from me. Looked like I just had to wait for the plastanium layer to wear off before I would turn back, and there was nothing about using it again immediately after. It even said that things like dildos would be ejected upon reverting… That was good to know after I considered pulling it all the way in..

And yet, I was curious. I could see the gemstones I spilled from my toy bag earlier, spread out among the bed like a carpet. Diamonds, sapphires, lapis lazuli, topaz… I’d been collecting them from back on Saiden. They’d do nicely.

Slowly, I managed to get on top the stones. Mostly falling over onto them, and not exactly in the most graceful of manners. But for each one I landed on, I began pulling them into myself. Letting them slowly make their way inside as I did with the dildo. My body quaked with every additional piece that sank into each facing, many passing inside completely, though others I left submerged to their crowns. Becoming jewel-encrusted, so to speak.

Twenty of the larger pieces had already made their way to my center, while another twenty-one were adorning my outer edges… Six on one side, five on another. I found I could even move them, turning myself into a massive glorified six-sided die while I looked on in the mirror. Hell, even that was turning me on fiercely, between having to control myself from the mutliple orgasms I went through for the gemstones themselves.

By the end of it, I’d managed to draw seventy more inside. The various rocks made me fell full…heavy… Like a friggen living treasure chest. I hadn’t felt like that since a good friend used me as an actual living treasure chest, shoving numerous gems and coins into my womb until I could only lie in his lair and guard it.

Seemed a second round would definitely be in order, with that train of thought. I only wondered what else I could think to do with this new toy of mine.

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