A New Toy (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 28 January 2019 in From the Eyes • Tagged with Pokémon, Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, Condom Creature, Condom Toy, Rubber, Vaginal Sex, Dom/Sub, Bondage, Partial Inflation, Deflation, Toy Tf, Suit TF, Costume TF, Claimed Toy, Club Scene, Kink Club, Modularity, Transformation

A friend of yours has invited you into a new downtown kink club—Starlight Strobe—where sex is expected and extremely safe, but he warned you it was unusual. You’ve been wanting to meet new people, and you’ve been wanting friends who’d have casual sex with you …

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Another Meal (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 26 January 2019 in From the Eyes • Tagged with second person, cockvore, blaziken, cubone, cum digestion, cum tf, condom creature, not quite snuff, trophyfication

You find yourself in Daddi Blaze’s home. He’d invited you to his place after meeting with you at the Greenhouse Club, promising you a good time. The humanoid fiery kickboxing chicken of a Blaziken sits on his bed, his shaft flopped onto it. The massive member is about …

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