Be Careful What You Wish For (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 11 March 2019 in One-Offs

Gallows yawned slightly as she walked along the path of Greenfields Park. It was one of the few places near Breakwater Omega that had no laws regarding public decency or sexual acts, given the fenced-off tree-filled nature of the locale, and she rarely went anywhere on her own homeworld as it was. Unfortunately for the gryphon, she was soon reminded why she kept to other worlds.

“Hey! Get some pants on, slut!”

Spinning on one heel, the quadruped did a full 180 to look around for who shouted, and she quickly found the source. A bipedal wolf was glaring at her, his eyes narrow and a snarl across his face.

“Yeah! I’m talkin’ to you!” He continued, his gruff voice carrying only slightly in the wind. “What’d’ya think this is? A fuckin’ nudist camp!?”

It’s a clothing optional, gated park for adults.”” She replied, returning to her walk. “Read the rules and get stuffed.”

A few moments later, she felt a half-full plastic water bottle smack into the back of her head. It didn’t do much, but the fact someone threw something at her set the gryphon’s anger off quite a bit.

“Fuck you, clucky!”

The wolf began to walk away, but something struck the back of his head this time. Something that went splat, and felt quite gooey. Reaching up to feel it, he noticed black rubber dripping from his paw-like hand. Slightly glowing black rubber.

“The fuck di—!”

Gallows flicked one of her claws in the air, and the liquid latex reacted almost instantly, wrapping around his face like a muzzle. It flowed up over his eyes and head, then down along his body as he struggled to tear it away. But the gryphon only smirked as his struggles caused the fluid to spread even faster.

His arms were pulled against his back by the dark goop, while his legs were bound tightly together, forcing him to drop to his knees, then to the ground itself. It invaded his most private parts, stuffng his rump full and spreading his ass wide, only to puff up into a nice toy hole. His mouth, forced open and into the same type of opening, dripping with lubricating drool. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t hear, and he couldn’t speak. And as every bit of him was covered, he could feel his body fading into more of the strange material.

He still tried fruitlessly to flail a bit, but the transformation had drained him of his stamina. The small writhing was barely a fight at all, much less one he could keep up. It was mere seconds before he’d become nothing more than living latex, down to his very core.

“You know… I could’ve let it go, but then you had to throw something at me. You don’t throw shit at me on my day off and get away with it.”

The gryphon walked up to the barely moving doll of a wolf and pulled out her phone, tapping a few buttons in the process. Within moments, a device appeared on the ground before her, and she began pushing the rubbery wolf into it. Slowly, it enveloped him from foot to head within its translucent blue walls, until the poor canine found himself squishing against the walls. One side had a plastic rod in his mouth, the other side had one in his ass.

Then, she began to push the two sides together with a ratcheting rod built onto the side. Squeaks filled the air, and the wolf found himself compressing, slowly but surely, into the mold.

His cock and balls, pulled through a hole in the bottom, began to pulse wildly in the air, leaking more of the lubricant that he’d been drooling just earlier.

He felt himself flattening out against the walls. His face squished against his chest, while his legs folded into it as well. His ass stayed on one side, and his mouth moved beside it, with his back being opened up to flow out through them both. Then, as the pressure stopped, Gallows opened the device and tapped her phone again, sending it back to where it came.

All that remained was the wolf, turned into a pair of sheath shorts. The smooth skin-tight rubber shined in the light of the sun, and with a smile, the gryphon slipped them over her lower body, one leg going through what used to be his snout, the other through his former tail hole, and her own cock filling out the empty shaft and balls of her assaulter. After threading her tail through the wolf-like tail that remained, she sat back and gave them a nice rubbing with her talons.

“Mmmm… Got your wish, dick. You’re gonna be far more useful like this. Might not even change you back.”

Mentally, the wolf found himself wrecked. Barely able to think in his current state, all he could do is mentally whimper as little more than waves of bliss flooded his very being. Constantly building, with no sign of relief in sight.Reaching down between her legs, Gallows grabbed a hidden zipper and pulled it up, sealing her more private bits behind a pouch. Couldn’t be seen in such a lewd state, after all.

“Yeah… You’ll go quite nice in my collection. Hope you don’t mind a good long eternity like this, dicko. You just earned it.”

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