Wish Granted? (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 25 April 2020 in At The Mansion

With a sigh, TeraDyne tossed her messenger bag onto her desk, followed by her body onto her bed. The brown bone dragon hadn’t exactly had a calming day, so being back in her dimly lit room was a welcome change. Unfortunately for her, the fact that it was dimly lit, and that she had black latex sheets, was to her detriment.

Tera should be more careful when entering a dark room.” A monotone voice said. It sounded quite young, and almost emotionless.

Another sigh escaped her lips, looking over to lock eyes with the red orbs that belonged to her small anthro feline brother. “Not in the mood for a lecture right now, Nemi. The seminar was hell, and I’m not sure mom’s gonna be happy when shi gets home either, given the mess shi had to clean up.”

This actually caused the black ever-young kitten to take pause. It was almost unheard of for his sister to get so worked up over something so trivial. Not without having taken other actions herself.

Tera needs something to help it relax?”

Yeah… I honestly could use something relaxing right now.”

She realized almost instantly that she probably shouldn’t have have said that, as the rubber feline slinked over her body, tail and legs oozing with liquid latex. It began to form into a bit of a cool coating against her scales, solidifying slowly into a sort of suit. She’d been almost naked before he’d started, so she didn’t mind too much. After all, rubber was something she thoroughly loved wearing.

He’d started around her midsection, leaving a trail that wrapped around her groin and rump, extending down her tail like a tapered tube, with a large flame-shaped bulb at the end. Where her flaccid cock and balls once were, a smooth surface had appeared, covering even the twin holes between her legs. A zipper did form after a few moments, though she left it where it was, trapping her private parts behind its pouch.

The limbs were next, flowing down Tera’s lower extremities and covering them completely. She’d even lost the feeling of having her clawed toes, instead sensing a pair of boots with thick soles, and numerous buckles from her ankles to her knees. Just a solid mass.

Mmm… This feels wonderful, Nemi.” She told him, leaning back against her pillows as he worked. “Just keep going.”

That was exactly what he did. He crawled up her belly and chest, leaving trails in his wake. Her normally rigid belly with its exposed bone armor went away, replaced by soft and squeaky black latex, while her chest gained a pair of seamless, nippleless D-cup mounds. Her wings were also covered in the inky blackness that was engulfing her, and her arms soon ended in clawed thick two-finger-and-thumb hands, each one feeling like they were trapped in equally squeaky gloves. And even her arms had faux buckles, running from her wrists to her shoulders.

Finally, her head was the last bit to get its coating. It spread over her neck and underneath the thick metal collar she wore, chains forming and attaching to the rings to lead to her limbs. Then came her face, a hooded mask forming from back to front. Her maw became zippered as it narrowed, replacing her lips with the teeth, while she felt red opaque lenses form over her eyes. Then her horns and fanned ears disappeared, with shorter bony horns forming in their places on top of her head, and a couple buckles wrapping around a faux zipper along the back of her skull.

Mmmph!” Tera reached up and unzipped the cover over her mouth, revealing a fully molded latex maw behind the parting lips of her snout. One that had been filled with a dildo gag, which she’d pulled free. It lined with a softly glowing neon blue silicone from tip to throat, along with a matching nub-covered toy tongue inside of it. “Charizard gimp toy wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I’m definitely enjoying this.”

The feline crawled up onto her chest, squeaking with every movement. His own feet were in paw-shaped boots, his hands in thick paw-like gloves with their own grip treads. Most of his body was practically blank. Only smooth and featureless black from head to toe.

Tera seems much calmer.” He said, nuzzling against her slightly lengthened neck. “Perhaps it is feeling better as well?”

Compared to when I got home? Yeah.” She reached up to her shoulders to feel the plastic handles that had formed on them, then down to the ones on her hips. “This is the kind of pick-me-up I needed. Thanks!”

Nemi didn’t reply, at least vocally. Instead, he reached up and pushed the gag back into her mouth, before pulling the zippers of her hood closed once again. There was a soft click, and upon feeling around, she found that the two pieces formed a locking mechanism, which Nemi had just locked.

Mmph! Mmm-mmmmph!” Tera tried to say something, but with a mouth full of toy dick that was closed shut, that wasn’t exactly going to happen.

Another click sounded down below while she was distracted, and when she gazed toward her groin, she could see Nemi standing between her legs, a pair of keys in hand. Her genitals were trapped within their pouch, with nothing but a smooth surface in their place, and the tiny keyhole where the zip sat. And given the muffled moans she was giving as he pressed and rubbed against it, the entire area was still quite sensitive.

Tera can relax like this in Nemi’s room.” Nemi said, pulling on a leash that he’d formed during the generous coating of his sister. “Nemi might let it out when it has rested properly.”

A shudder went down her spine every time her brother called her it. That was what she enjoyed from those she trusted. Being treated as an object. A toy, or doll, or whatever, but an object. A button he knew she enjoyed having pressed repeatedly.

The feline dropped down to the floor, and as he did, the chain leading to Tera’s neck tightened, bringing her wrists together in the process. Nemi had run it through rings in the buckles, ensuring sure she was even more helpless as she got to her feet to follow him. Yet another button, and one that was admittedly making her trapped cock throb more and more as the situation continued to go in his favor.

But… He was kidding about the might part…right? She could only hope he’d let her out…eventually.

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