The Princess Collection (NC-17)

Posted on Thu 11 April 2019 in One-Shot

A clear and beautiful night in Canterlot, and Princess Luna was out and about for the evening. A happy sigh escaped her lips as she strolled down the lane, looking around at the few ponies who were enjoying the fresh air with her. Many bowed as she passed, a few hadn’t noticed her, but that was no matter. What mattered was that it was peaceful.

However, as she passed by one of the many alleyways within the city, she noticed something peculiar. A gryphon, sitting up just behind one of the refuse dumpsters. However, they didn’t look normal in any sense of the word.

The princess drew closer, her metal-shoed hooves tapping against the cobblestone with every step. Just before her, the shiny smooth gryphon turned to look at the approaching alicorn, tilting its head. It has lenses over its glowing eyes, and circular black filters sticking from its black beak. Its face, chest, groin, and limbs were all black, separated by red bands that made it seem almost like it was wearing some form of clothing. The glowing metal box attached to its back was the strangest part, though. Shaped like a shield, with symbols floating just over the surface of a red lit dome in the center, it seemed to pulse on and off.

Curious, Luna looked it in the eyes as it turned its body toward her. That was the first mistake. The second was putting her snout so close.

With blinding speed, she found her face splattered by something from the gryphon’s beak as they touched. It felt cool to the touch as it wrapped around her snout, flowing out like liquid.

Rubber, the same color as her body, and moving quite swiftly. No sooner had she blinked, the material had already coated her face in its thick embrace. She tried to say something, but only a muted moan came from her maw. While her bottom jaw opened, no sound escaped her lips. Only bursts of air from the plastic crescent-shaped black filters that jutted out where her nostrils once were.

As soon as the princess tried to move, she found herself stumbling over her own long legs, down into the small recess that the gryphon had been in, and well out of sight of any creature who might’ve been passing along the road.

The strange bird creature stood over her as the rubber continued to spread at a rapid pace, rubbing one of its clawed hands across her back to help it along. Her eyes became covered by a pair of black mirrored lenses that darkened her vision, while her mane was converted in place into shiny version of itself. Her wings thick and mobile, barely wanted to move from their weight, while her legs and hooves couldn’t find any traction on their sides. Even her regalia and crown had been changed by the corrupting liquid, attached to her body as if it were always part of it.

As she breathed in, her mind began to calm. To empty. The rubber slipped by across her tail and hind legs to change them, leaving her practically nothing more than whatever the gryphon was, made in her own image. Even her cutie mark, the crescent moon upon the midnight blue background, was there, though appeared painted on.

A few moments later, she could feel her limp body being rolled over, and metal piece identical to the shield-like device on her captor’s back was placed onto her own, sinking into place and securing itself among the latex. Within a few moments, she could see something appear off to her left.

Writing, in a small black box that seemed to hover in front of her, no matter where she looked.

$~> sudo -i
Password: ***************>
#~> _

Such strange words. They made no sense.

#~> ./usermod -x “” ld18221-021

She heard someone in the air calling out for a Princess Luna, but never responded. The pony couldn’t recall hearing any such name before, yet she felt she should know who that was.

#~> idmod --KeyID “LD18221-021” --ShortID “021” ld18221021

021? Yes, that was her designation, though she couldn’t tell who was calling out to her. Someone distant. Far beyond her reach.

#~> idbku -r //Kentaris/idbku/2243cb1d-a3b0-40a1
Beginning backup.......

Memories seemed to flow through her mind like movies, splitting off into copies and disappearing into the ether. She felt as if she should have known who she was seeing through the eyes of, but everything felt faded. Hazy.

Backup complete.
#~> rm -rPf /home/ld18221021/.id/

Suddenly, all of those memories began to vanish. Disappearing bit by bit as if disintegrating within her mind. She no longer knew where she was, or how she got there, or what she was, or even what was gazing deep into her eyes.

#~> echo “ LD18221-021 \n Luna 021 \n Alicorn \n PSD Model 801 \n Feminine \n Distribution Nozzle \n Secondary Access Port \n“ >> tee /home/ld18221021/.id/modelinfo
#~> echo “ Gallows-Prime, Gallows-855 “ >> tee /home/g1218122/.id/ownerinfo

LD18221-021… Identifier “Luna 021”. An alicorn-based Personal Service Drone model 801, with a feminine chassis, equipped with both a distribution nozzle and secondary access port on her rear. Owned by one Gallows-Prime. A gryphon much like Gallows-812, who stood in front of her.

#~> rpcp --silent //Kentaris/defaults/glsdrn /home/ld18221021/.lob
#~> ./

Everything seemed to go blank for a moment, but then her mind fully awakened, and she stood up slowly. Robotically. Mindlessly looking down at the smaller felavian drone standing before her.

Just beyond the creature, two other alicorns waited in the shadows. One was pink with hints of steel pink and purple in their mane and tail, purple highlights on their wings, and a blue crystal heart on their flanks. The other was white with rainbow mane and tail, and an image of a sun plastered onto their hips. CD18221-019, and CD18221-020, according to the words that appeared over each of their heads. They both bore twin air filters on their snouts, 019 with heart-shaped boxes, and 020 with sun-shaped boxes.

Orders arrived in her vision as the remote shell terminal was closed, having her fall in line behind 020. Once they were together, the gryphon led them away down the alley, Canterlot at their backs for good.

A little while later Gallows herself wandered into her Echo Glade home and down into the master bedroom in the basement. It’d been quite the day, and she was ready to relax.

As she passed by one of her gryphondrones, the felavian had to pause. Slowly turning her head, she caught sight of the three alicorns as they stood at attention in the next room. All three were fitted with nozzles made similar to horse dildos, which hung beneath their bodies and bounced slightly with the natural sway of their bodies. However, seeing who they had to have been prior to their changes was what caused the gryphon to spit her tea out in shock.

It was too late to reverse the changes, obviously. Even if she’d put their minds back into place, they weren’t gonna be anything but rubber anymore. With a shrug, she put down her tablet and drink to check the IDs from her computer. Mercifully, they weren’t from the Equus Delta her own friends were from.

After sending a couple of her drones back to that world for some more errands, the gryphon’s mind turned toward her new acquisitions. With a couple more commands, she laid out a path for the Luna drone to follow. In the next room, she heard the squeaking of hooves as 021 came out through the hidden door, and right up to the side of her bed.

She had the drone spread its legs while her computer ran some code through its core. One brief restart later, her Luna toy began to move a little more loosely. A smile broke out over the gryphon’s beak, only to open as she ducked underneath the equine’s chassis to give their new nozzle a lick. As soon as her tongue touched the somewhat flexible metal part, she heard a digitized moan come out of its maw.

Seemed everything was working properly. But direct sex wasn’t what the Gallows had in mind for her new mindless pony. It was something else that she’d been wanting more. With a short leap, she got up on the equine’s back and tapped the control panel.

Body State > Standby > Flow Mode

In seconds, the core’s holographic display went dim, and the latex creature beneath it began to shrink. Rubber flowed into several ports along the underside of the shield, pulled into small vats within the device. From head to tail, the drone disappeared, until nothing but the shield was left, now colored to match its contents. A beautiful shade of midnight purple, with a dark purple rim.

After checking on the drone’s status from her desk, she tried remotely doing the same for her new Cadence drone. The pink alicorn of love liquefied soon after the command was received, Gallows watching from her seat. Melting down and entering into the core, until that had turned pink with a lighter shade as its rim, and a golden light for its display.

This time, Gallows went over to pick up the stored toy as its core shrank slightly. Without a word, she slipped it over her own back and tapped along the the edge. The core sprang to life in an instant.

Pink rubber oozed out from each of the vents, covering the gryphon as it flowed down her body. Golden talons, enveloped in pink gloves with golden wristbands. Paws turned hoofboots, with golden shoes covering them. An equine-like tail, long and braided to look more lion-like. A pink body with a smaller version of the equine cock perched between her legs. And to finish off, an equine mask sealed to the suit, complete with the proper mane and crown atop it, heart-shaped canisters, and rose-colored lenses over her eyes. This mask didn’t have a mouth opening like the drones did, but she didn’t mind. Having a toy equine cock stuffed into her maw just made it all the more enjoyable.

Returning to her desk, she tapped a few buttons to cause the Celestia Drone to do the same, then had one of her other gryphondrones bring it to her as she sat back in her chair. One hand on the keyboard as the other idly pulled out her OmNILink phone. Under the mask, she was grinning quite happily as the camera app snapped a photo of her, which she promptly sent off with a message.

With the OmNILink Core on her back, she logged in to her personal network through the neural interface, putting her phone down as she did. A few mental commands saw the closest of her gryphon become a bit looser as it walked toward the pink alicorn. While Gallows-Prime scooched herself under her desk to continue some work, the drone knelt down and crawled underneath the furniture, opening its beak into a toy-like silicone hole.

The rubber bird pushed its maw over the equine’s cock, coaxing a burst of air from her filters as a sigh escaped her own beak. Then came the soft sound squeaks and liquid shulks of the ribbed walls moving back and forth along that long member. One of the drone’s talons massaged the grapefruits that hung off the edge of the chair, each orb churning as Gallows shivered in powerful erotic glee. Its other hand gripped the lower part of her rod, slowly moving up and down in sync with its head, servicing her as much as it could.

Over and over, the suited princess of love felt herself tense and breathe deep as she worked. Both hands were on the keyboard, and she was focused enough that she could type, but it was hard not to react to her toy serving its owner like royalty.

One of her hands gripped the back of the gryphon’s head and started moving it further down her length. Bit by bit, the rod disappeared into its throat, drawing soft groans of bliss from deep within the obedient creature. Down… Down… Its beak soon drawing close to her groin, until they were resting their head on the seat itself. Without a second thought, the alicorn started to thrust herself into its hole, using its slippery tube of an oriface to massage every bit of the surface of her cock.



A loud burst of air escaped from her face as Gallows-Prime arched her back, dumping her load as deep as she could into the internal vat of Gallows-001. The glorping of her seed was audible, even out in the workspace, while her toy’s belly began to grow to show its status. Liter upon liter, flowing into the smaller gryphon chassis until it could barely stay leaning over.

When she was done, its beak pulled back to free her shaft, and it came out from under the desk, staring blankly at its owner while its mouth closed. The pink pony pressed her snout against Gallows-001’s cheek for a kiss, then had it go into the back to drain its contents into one of the holding tanks. No sense wasting good cum, after all.

That was when her phone buzzed. She quickly picked up the device and read the reply to her message. Seemed there was a bit of interest from a certain royal after all. With the tap of a couple of buttons, a few of her pegasus drones back at Breakwater Omega were sent out to find some suitable candidates for what was asked. After all, she wasn’t giving up the three she’d gotten as her first unintentional catches in the drone program.

After thinking on it a few moments, one hand moved across the keyboard, tapping out a command. The other swiftly reached behind her back, catching one of the solid state drive cartridges as it was ejected from its unit. Reaching down to put the storage unit away, she grabbed one of her blank drives to put in its place, clicking it into the locking gasket.

Her mind danced around a virtual keyboard for the core, while the latex closed in around her, leaving only the terminal screen visible as she went limp in her seat. When her vision returned, her eyes lit up with a pink glow, and she once again had an opening mouth.

A mouth that grinned under its locking clips as Cadence-855 idly stroked her shaft. Being the drone princess of love was going to be quite nice.

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