Skaterdrone (R-18)

Posted on Sun 27 February 2022 in One-Offs

The moons shined high above Arakos Glade, and along the sidewalks, Tera rolled around the few people who were passing through the Red District on her inline skates. The dragoness was dressed in a pair of blue shorts, with a tiger-striped black shirt covering her upper body, and a tiger-themed helmet on her head, looking slightly out of place in the kink-oriented part of town. That is, aside from the shorts being thick latex cargo sheath shorts with her cock flopped out, the shirt being similar rubber, and her hands covered in thick padded rubber gloves up past her elbows, the latter paw-like and thumbless.

The skater slowed herself down and came to a stop just in front of one of the alleyways, heel brakes planting against the concrete. She was right next to one of the Bridgestar stores, so she felt safe enough to take a break there.

After a short roll to sit on a nearby dumpster, the white reptile gave a soft sigh of relief. She’d been dripping for at least an hour, with her rather sizable shaft and melon-sized balls soaked with pre under the rubber shorts, the outside coated in a sticky film of cock goo. With little hesitation, she wrapped those paw gloves around her shaft and began to massage it with one, the other gathering up some of her juices to enjoy.

But as she gulped down some of her precum, she noticed another being approaching her from the darkness. A black lion drone, its green glowing lines giving her just enough vision to see what it was. Squeaky latex from head to toe, with similar paw gloves to her own, and heavy boots in place of feet. Its face, locked in a static hood that flowed into its one piece body suit, had an open sex toy mouth at the front of its short snout, along with red lenses for eyes just above. And along one arm, she saw a glowing identifier: L10N-1221

Tera said nothing as 1221 walked toward her, not really thinking much of them. At least, not until it stopped and placed its paws against her shoulders. Within seconds, its faux lips pressed against hers, the drone forcing itself onto the dragoness as swiftly as it could. Not that Tera seemed to mind, though. She relaxed under the more dominant feline’s aggression, going so far as to even slip her tongue into the toy hole before her.

That was her first mistake. The second was to spread her legs, allowing the drone to press and grind its bulge against her covered shaft.

The two continued making out, Tera holding her paws up in an almost begging pose against her chest. But as they separated, the dragoness found herself changed. Her snout had shrank down to that of her clothing’s motif, becoming just as squeaky as that of the lion, while her lips opened up into the same ribbed orifice as theirs, locking into the middle of a smooth and otherwise featureless muzzle. Her eyes seemed to close for a moment, returning as a pair of unmoving glowing blue lenses, and soon after, a pair of filter cans began to form, jutting from the sides of her face like a gas mask, just as the drone’s did.

More rubber flowed out from the new headpiece, engulfing the helmet and giving her feline ears in place of her horns. Her mask melded into the shirt, which itself flowed down to the gloves and shorts, then to her skates, making them all one piece from head to toe, to her new tube-like tiger tail. Even pads began appearing on her elbows and knees, completing the look that she had started. No zipper, no opening. Not even a suit. Just a faceless drone, synthetic to the core, with no escape from its fate.

Reaching down, the skater drone ran a paw along her groin, only to look down and discover that there was nothing there. Her shaft and balls were gone, replaced with a smooth surface. Not even a bulge like the lion, but a patch of sensitive nothingness, squirking as she fruitlessly rubbed into it. It made her shiver, and mentally moan out in bliss, but the pressure did nothing but build. The more she rubbed, the more she squeezed with those useless paws, the more she felt it course through her with nowhere else to go.

Before long, the lion pressed its paws against Tera’s filters, carefully unscrewing the pair of round pieces. In their place, a pair of hoses were connected, and her back jutted out into a backpack on its own. The scent and taste of her own seed from before began filling her senses, along with a strong aphrodisiac that only served to make her even more horny with every breath she took. Horny, and barely able to think for herself.

Glowing blue stripes appeared to finish off the new tigerdrone’s change, and with them, she got to her skates, standing almost at attention before the one who converted her. L10N-1221 turned, walking back down the alleyway, and just behind him, T1G3R-3855 followed. Obedient, and willingly so, even without having been hypnotized like most drones were. She didn’t mind playing along. Not when there was fun to be had, or more potential friends to be made, willing or not.

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