Self Love (NC-17)

Posted on Mon 22 March 2021 in Practice Stories


It’d been a while since I’d had a chance to enjoy one of the suits from my personal collection. Some of them were fictional or once-fictional characters, others were from those who willingly gave me their identities. In this case, I’d made them myself.

I leaned back on a floor mat in my hideout in Rondel Hills, tails twitching behind me. A old dilapidated factory warehouse, unused for years, repurposed as a nondescript shelter of sorts. I mostly used it when I wanted to get away from home, but as of late, I was using it to just be out in public without being noticed or recognized.

Of course, no one would really look twice at a generic kitsumimi love doll. The Koji model was one of my more popular designs throughout the Alliance, and it didn’t come in anything but a generic version, so seeing several of them out and about wasn’t anything new. They all used the Koji name, acted the same out in public, dressed the same… Meant I could blend into the crowd, just like the gryphon I changed a few weeks ago.

Poor guy got one hell of a shock when I suddenly took him over. I’d been watching through his eyes since his shishimini partner begged him for a good pounding. He wasn’t doing too well, so I showed him how it was done. Maybe I could make another Koji out of the lion when they visited tomorrow, or design a new shishimimi model based of the guy. They both seemed eager to be part of my harem.

One sucking my shaft while the other served as entertainment… Maybe strip-teasing for me from a pole, or floating in a pool and pleasuring himself…


My cock sprayed synthcum all over my rubber hoodie and shirt as I came hard, some dripping onto my hand as well. Seemed the ideas running through my head were more than enough help me along. And as much as I would have loved to slide some of my own jizz into my mawhole, the solid muzzle I was wearing gave me nothing more than a molded foxy grin on an actual kitsu snout. No mouth, just rubber.

About that time, another rope jettisoned through the air, splattering across my face. I was a mess, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before I could clean up, I heard some noise coming from the front area. Someone came in through the old loading dock door, and they had squeaky steps. Sure enough, it was another Koji. One already rocking with his cock out in the open, and the same solid snout as me. And given the copious amount of spent jizz still coating his shaft, I’d say he had a bit of fun only a few minutes ago.

He sat down next to me, all five tails twitching behind him. I didn’t give my clone the satisfaction of a proper rest, though. In one smooth motion, I slung myself over his hips, my silicon-lined anal opening slipping over that pre-lubed cock beneath it.

The other Koji didn’t give me any slack, either. Before I knew it, I was back on the ground, propping myself up on all fours as he grabbed my embedded hip handles and began pounding my ass with everything he had. That thick knot banged at the entry of my hole with every pump of his groin, forcing me open just that little bit to coax more bliss out of me.

The rhythm matched with the music I’d been listening to, only making me love the feeling even more as he took me like the toys we were. I couldn’t make a sound, but I wanted to moan out our name so badly…

My ass popped loudly as he tied us together with his knot, the ribbed lining of my insides serving to tease the both of us as he pumped with what little length he had left. And only a few seconds later, I felt the warm synthcum begin to coat my inner lining, spraying deep into my body with massive ropes of the stuff. We Koji might not have had massive hyper dicks, but our output was up there with them.

His hands moved toward my groin as he leaned over me, molded muzzle against my neck. Then, he quickly jerked me off, knowing I wasn’t far from orgasm myself. I shuddered hard, feeling my spunk coat my latex clothing and skin, and then my face as I looked back underneath myself. The ground was just as slick beneath me, but I didn’t slip since my hands blocked it from getting underneath them.


Once we were both basking in the afterglow, I flopped into the puddle that I’d made, and my clone fell right on top of me, locked inside my tailstar for a bit.

Damn, it felt good to fuck myself.

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