Plastic Pleasure (NC-17)

Posted on Sun 11 April 2021 in Personal

Mistress was out for a while, and I’d been let out of my Cobalidrone suit while she was gone. As the latex and padding hung to dry from its cleaning, I sat back on my pet bed, just a bit bored. It was odd… Having non-mitten or hoof hands again felt awkward. Like they really didn’t belong there.

The more I sat there, the more it bothered me. So, I did what I’d normally do to fix the issue: I opened my toychest. The box was fairly large, filled with more adult toys than I really knew what to do with. There were plenty of transformative pieces in it as well, many of which I’d never had the chance to try out. Latex, plastic, plush… Too many to count, really.

Digging through, I came across pieces that actually made me pause. Brown plastic arms, with molded ball joints, and molded mitten hands that were barely articulated. The legs were just beneath them, with molded boot-like feet, no toes at all, and the same joints where expected. Seemed like they belonged to a full suit of some sort, though. I glanced over toward the closet, and sure enough, the body and head were sitting on top of a box, right out in the open.

After pulling them out and placing all of the pieces out on Mistress’s bed, I grabbed one of the legs and slipped it over my left limb. As soon as my foot touched the bottom, my hands pressed the top section over my thigh and hip. The second leg went on the same way, and it didn’t take long to figure out what kind of transformation they were made for. The ball joints that replaced my actual joints were clue enough.

I soon pulled the body over my torso, and reached each hand into their respective arms. A rush of cold passed over me, with my shoulders, elbows, and wrists turning into the same plastic ball joints as my hips. I no longer had individual fingers on my hands. Just folding thumbs, and a folding wide digits that were molded to look like two wide fingers combined into one. Everything but my fingers could spin and bend freely, in completely inorganic ways.

An action figure. A plastic doll. A literal toy anthro Cubone.

My mobility wasn’t the best, and I couldn’t really bend down with my plastic trunk. It only folded so far back and forth, but I could twist it as freely as my limbs. To the point that my upper body was backwards to my lower body.

The head sat on the bed next to me as my jointed tail flexed, giving me just enough articulation to sit down. I could feel a rubber-lined hole just on the underside of it, and down on my groin, I could see a plastic cock standing at attention, sitting in a sheath with molded balls. There were also a pair of very phallic rubber-and-plastic bone clubs on my hips, attached to small prongs that stuck out from my waist. The bondage pieces were probably still in the toybox…

Memories were already flooding back to me. I’d bought the suit when it went on sale, just cause Mistress teased about having me decorate her desk for a few weeks. She ended up using the shrink mode to play with me on a stream, using my own bone clubs like dildos, and getting her kinky Renamon figure and using it to hump me till I came in her hand. Stuck as a toy for three months, but I loved every second of it.

My hand clattered against my cock, wrapping around the shaft as best it could. There was no real give in the plastic that made up my limbs, but I managed to get a bit of a rhythm going, moving my wrist and lower arm up and down while my hand sort of grasped my member. It was enough to make me shiver and moan, with thoughts of that first day of using the suit becoming fresher in my head.

Memories of Mistress putting everything but the head onto me, before leaning down and wrapping her goatwah lips around my cock. Head bobbing up and down along its length, slowly and methodically. Normally, I’d be a twitchy mess, but the suit made that almost impossible. I was stable. Posed, for Mistress’s use as she enjoyed the taste of her toy.


A moan poured through my lips as synthcum shot from the tip of my rod, splattering onto the still unwashed sheets beneath me, onto my arm, and even some on my chest. The orgasm was intense, but damn did I need it.


I wasn’t panting… Hell, my body had pretty much instantly recovered. I was ready to go again, just like a toy should be.

Reaching over, I gripped a cumrag from the pile as best I could and cleaned myself off, getting whatever I had access to off of me. Then, I grabbed the head and slipped it over my own, snout diving into the dark abyss first.

The effect was immediate. My vision spread out a bit as the view of the permanently attached skull mask came into focus, its white broad snout covering most of the lower part of what I could see. I could only open and close my jaw on its hinge, exposing the rubber-lined opening just inside, but it wasn’t like I’d be doing any talking like this. And much like the rest of my joints, my head was on a ball joint, allowing it to freely swivel in most directions, including backwards.

The clattering of plastic echoed through the air as I laid back on Mistress’s bed, enjoying the rush of energy, even in a lasting afterglow. Maybe she’d play with me once she got home. Wouldn’t mind being her plaything again…

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