Perks of the Job (NC-17)

Posted on Thu 09 April 2020 in One-Shot

It was a nice day in Grythosi, on the world of Saiden. The sun was shining overhead, but as usual, the city was pretty much empty. It was an abandoned world, after all. Well… I was there. I’d claimed the planet for myself several years back, and only recently began working toward making it a private homeworld.

But that wasn’t what was on my mind as I sat back in the park near my home. In my hands twirled a small piece of equipment that looked like a Poké Ball, though I knew it wasn’t. It was based on something I’d picked up during a trip off-world. A copy that I’d modified and built in my design lab.

And as I stood up, I pressed the button on the tiny marble-sized orb, causing it to grow to something akin to a baseball. A digitized voice sounded from deep within: “Standby Okay.”

I smiled, tossing the ball into the air above me and striking a pose. My right hand went high, for a moment, then crossed with the other in front of my face, before both dropped to my sides. “Let’s… Henshin!

The ball opened on that command, unleashing a stream of light. Within seconds, my body was covered in metal armor, and a black rubber-like underarmor. Cyan and white metal, with black boots and gloves, a high collar… My natural Cobalion form, given a hero suit look.

And as the ball dropped into its slot on my side, I could hear its short jingle play, and the voice speaking again: “Ko-ba-ri-o-nn! A sword held to the sky for justice.

It felt so tacky… No self-respecting superhero would want to deal with such a loud announcement, especially if they needed any level of stealth. Then again, I enjoyed watching those types of shows from the Omega Grand Library. Not sure what that said about me.

I looked out, my head covered in a helmet with a short muzzle, and my vision filled with the outside world. The visor looked clear from within, while anyone seeing me from the other side would find a pair of opaque red lenses gazing back at them.

Of course, I’d modified this one to be a bit more useful for my needs. I wasn’t some superhero saving the world, but damn did the suits really get me riled up. Normally, there’d be all sorts of stats displayed in my visor, but I’d removed all that since it wasn’t necessary. Likewise with the summonable weapons, since a sword and shield wasn’t going to do me any good in bed. Well, not that type of sword anyway.

The one down below was out and about, with the metal groin piece that was normally there having been removed. I looked down, seeing that shiny black equine cock of mine standing at attention, and it felt [i]good[/i] in my armored hand. However, I wondered how that might feel, given the modifications I’d made.

My free hand reached back, grabbing another Poké Ball and priming it. And with a casual flick of the wrist, let it go into the sky above me, and said one line: “Cross-henshin…”

Within moments, the ball’s light enveloped me. Wide black shield-like pieces formed along both arms, giving me claws on my gloves, while a pair of short static wings connected to my back, combined with a large pointed generator tail just at the base of my spine. More black armor settled along my legs and chest, and a wider draconic muzzle fitted itself over the slender equine one I’d had. And between the dual golden horns above my mask’s eyes, a larger third back-swept horn settled down, its glowing blue tip matching the tail behind me.

Ze-ku-ro-mu! A thuderous roar that shakes the skies.

The heavier latisteel suit just made me love it even more, but my gaze turned southward toward my cock, just as the second ball took its place on the other side of the belt. The long equine shaft had grown girthier, gaining a pointed tip and a few ridges along its length, along with a wide knot at the base. And the ridges and knot themselves were glowing and pulsing with the same blue as the tail, almost perfectly in time with it all.

Just damn… I didn’t expect the whole thing to work as well as it did for a hack-job.

I leaned back against the tree I’d been sitting under, tail scraping quite a bit of park off of one side. And I could feel it all, just as I’d wanted it.

Before long, my hand was stroking along my arm-thick shaft, not even able to fully wrap around its diameter, much less the five bumps and thick knot it bore. Slowly caressing the sensitive surface, and I was already shivering like mad. It didn’t help that the tip was right in my face, sitting right between my eyes in front of my snout.

Then, I opened my jaw, the Zekrom snout of my helmet opened up, hinged on each side. I could taste the rubber-coated shaft as it slipped inside, teased by the silicone-lined maw and its pleasure nubs. The lovedoll mouth worked well as I was, as did the hole in the back, which I felt bulge out as I began deepthroating myself. Such a large cock had many benefits.

My rump slid down to the ground as I continued savoring every moment of my lustful sucking, the feeling of being penetrated so deeply having been rare for the last several months. And I kept going as deep as my armor would let me, bending over as much as I could. Watching as the glowing bands pulsed harder and faster as I became more aroused, in tune with the throbbing of my shaft.

More… Faster… Harder… I took myself as roughly as I could. I was needy, and I was horny. Pent up from the day’s work.

And as I started to pant around my own cock, a shudder went up my spine. I slammed down, the tip of my muzzle touching the base of the knot as I folded myself over to my limit. Jet upon massive jet of seed sprayed deep into my gut, and I could feel myself getting hot all over, electricity crackling along the ground around me as the orgasm hit hard.

By the time it was done, I flopped back against the ground, accidentally spraying my own mask and chest with what remained of my load, while my belly felt like it wanted to stretch my armor out around it. The tree behind me had apparently been scorched and cracked by all of the energy I’d let out, but I could barely remember much of the last minute or so in the haze of the afterglow.

What a way to start the second half of my day…

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