Out on the Streets (NC-17)

Posted on Sun 19 April 2020 in One-Shot

Spring… Such a nice time around Grey Winds Valley. Unlike the Glade city to the south, there was no forest canopy protecting most of the ground from the light rains. The roads and sidewalks were mostly wet, but the sun had come out from the clouds, and the people were back out doing their thing. I sat off in one of the alleyways, looking at the various beings that passed by in the city’s Red District.

Yo… Cobali!”

The deep grunting voice made me turn around, seeing my big brother of a Terrakion leaning over the Flamedramon he’d pulled off the street. Terraki’s arm-thick cock was shoved far enough into the poor latex toy’s body that its belly was bulging, and the sloshing had gotten quite loud within them.

Of course, the two of us were living rubber sex toys as well. Fully molded details, including the permanent smiles surrounding the silicone onaholes we called mouths, while our hip and shoulder handles were embedded into our bodies, surrounded by curved concave divots just big enough for someone to stick a hand into. Same with our horns, made to be gripped by whomever might have used us.

His red gemstone eyes gazed toward me, tri-digit hoof-like hands wrapped around the Digimon’s own hip handles as he continued thrusting his dildo into the dragon’s ass. “Wanna come give our friend a filling from the other side? Pretty sure he’s got the room.”

As I approached the two, I looked down at the mute love doll. A lower tier model, with the armor molded into them instead of being removable, aside from his mask. Still, the guy seemed friendly enough, so I looked over the charms on his collar to make sure I wasn’t stepping over a line. It was most of the typical uldaiza, including the red rhombus that openly invited us to use him, but I did spy one that interested me a bit more.

The detailed smile on my face was quite apt. “Did you see all of the uldaiza this guy has?”


The big guy took a moment to stop humping the kid’s brains out, leaning down to get a closer look. Sure enough, he saw the gold-and-black bird wing charm pinned in one of the rows. “Oh! Part of of the Royal Servants. Didn’t know Queen Starwings had anyone below Omega-tier.”

They put on Beta or Bronze tier suits when they’re out in public.” I said, rubbing the bulge of my vinyl crotch piece against the guy’s face as I grabbed his horn with my mitten-style hand. That seemed to make him shudder in all the good ways. “Makes ‘em less of a target. I’m pretty sure he’s a Platina or Omega underneath it.”

Nngh!” My brother began his thrusting once again, the repeated squeaking of rubber on rubber coming from down below. “Why’d they gotta be so tight, though? You’d think they’d be a lot looser after so many uses from the guards and family.”

I pressed my legs on the sides of the Flamedramon’s head for a bit, making sure he stayed in place as the lubricating drool from his mawhole began to slicken the smooth surface between them. “You kidding? Queen Starwings loves keeping ‘em tight. Tight enough to destroy the onaholes sometimes. Pretty sure this poor sap’s been left a broken mess at least once. Maybe even had to be re-molded, if she’s still testing ‘em like she used to.”

It wasn’t long before Terraki gave a loud groan, and I could hear the splattering of synthcum as it leaked out onto the ground around his cock. Four massive loads in an hour… Still didn’t beat his old record. The satisfying sound of him pulling out, punctuated with a loud pop, really helped make me even more aroused.

My bull brother shook his head to clear it, letting our guest go. “Uhhh… That felt good. Thanks for the relief, buddy.”

The Flamedramon got upright and waved in the air with his claws, waddling away with a pronounced belly while looking quite satisfied. The seed was still dripping down his rump and legs, leaving a trail behind him as he made it out into the crowd.

So, why’d yo—- A-aahh…!”

While he was distracted, I slipped down below him, getting that massive shaft of his into my smiling mawhole. Within seconds, I felt his hands slip under the handles on my shoulders as he backed me against a wall. Then, the heavy pounding began.

The spent cum on his cock tasted wonderful as it lubed up the ribbed silicone in my muzzle. My hands went up along his legs, finding their way to his hip handles as I held on to them. My face began to deform with every thrust as it was squashed against the bricks behind me, but that just made it even more worth being there.

Over and over, I felt that medial ring slip in and out past the lips of my onahole, his firm rubber dildo squeaking loudly in my head. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride, letting my big brother have his way with me.

Before long, I could feel the big guy shudder, and that low groan hit my ears just as I felt the massive wave of jizz spill down my throat and into my body. He pressed hard into the wall, practically flattening my head between the stonework and his crotch, stopped only by the twin gemstone orbs that were my eyes. And jet upon jet, liter upon liter, filled my belly with warmth.

When it was done, he pulled out of me with that same satisfying squeaking and pop, the flared head of his toy rod dragging a bit of his cream out as some more leaked onto my chestplate and face. I gave a soft moan as well as I enjoyed the sensations of the liquid ecstasy that had become my lunch, along with the feeling of having his flaccid cock lying across my snout as it continued dripping. Terraki was damn good at leaving me happy like that.

Forgot ya like being sloppy seconds.” He said, having regained his composure as quickly as he usually did. He let go of my handles, rubbing a bit of his spunk into my face before backing off. “Virizi would have you buried between her legs right now if she were here.”

Yeah, and Keldi would be next in line for trying to clean you up.” I got to my feet, rather thankful that our toy bodies didn’t need rest after every orgasm like organics did. “Come on. Let’s go find some more open friends to drain.”

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