Morning Walk (R-18)

Posted on Sat 05 November 2022 in One-Offs

Echoes of soft growls bounced from wall to wall as I entered the stable behind my home. She hadn’t been with me long, but the dragoness that laid out on her straw mat was giving me her usual lustful gaze. Green eyes were locked onto me as I plodded across the dirt floor, focused by the blinders of her bridle, while her wide mouth was wrapped and gagged by a rubber bit and muzzle.

A Night Fury, in all her black-scaled glory. It took me four months to track down a world with one I could get hold of, and another two weeks to gain her trust. Of course, I couldn’t see her clawed feet for the massive custom hoof boots she wore—boots she’d pretty much stolen from my stash shortly after arriving—but I knew she wasn’t a threat to me. She liked me too much.

I gave Leah a pat on the head, and the squirming within her rubber bodysuit resulted in several squeaks of happiness with every sweep of her tail. She knew what was coming. We’d been through it a few times already.

My hands gripped the harness on her head, and my new pet brought herself low to let me slip my legs over her shoulders. Then, her head came up, and the magical effect of my abilities flowed swiftly between us. The soft yellow glow was warm, and before we knew it, I could hear her thoughts, feel her emotions, speaking at a primal level within my mind.

Moans passed through our lips in unison, and my vision began to expand. Two eyes above, two eyes below. A narrow snout with a long tongue licking along its lips, and a wide muzzled face happily wrapped in rubber and metal.

I took a few steps forward as the light faded, hoofboots clopping against the hardened soil and straw. My tail swayed side to side with each movement, the sound of my bodysuit sending pleasurable shivers down my lengthened spine. My bound lower wings were tight against my body, while my upper wings spread out in glee.

A merged being. A jakoĉa… Centaur-like in nature, with her face between our shared forelegs, locked forward and under my control. Leah could only see and hear and smell, with no way of moving us herself. Just a passenger. Something she didn’t mind at all.

We went through the doors, just in time for our morning walk. After all, we both needed to keep in shape.

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