Lovedoll Newbie Pt.1 (R)

Posted on Wed 22 April 2020 in Tales from the Delta Worlds

I mentally yawned as I sat back in the Olunai Falls Bridgestar’s store lounge, watching the people go by. It was demo and sale day, and there wasn’t much to do back home, so keeping an eye on the event sounded like a good idea. And given my love of Lovedoll transsuits, I had just the right outfit for the job.


I turned to see a customer walk in from the elevator, and was slowly taking in the busy scene ahead of him. But his eyes soon locked onto me.

That’s…not a suit I’ve seen in the catalog.” He said. The black lion was looking over the pearlescent white unicorn suit I was wearing, and I saw his eyes shoot up toward the golden crystal horn sticking out of my forehead, before locking eyes with my own gemstone spheres, cut and set to specifically look like emerald eyes. “Ma’am, that’s a whole new level from what I usually see. You look amazing.”

A let out a chuckle as I got to my golden hooves, my inflated pink tail and mane swaying behind me a bit in the air. My muzzle was the molded type, with a pink onahole embedded into it, so it didn’t move when I spoke.

Thanks. It’s a custom Premier-tier suit. Take it you’re here for the sale?”

His face turned red. According to my HUD, his name was Josh Engar. Two year customer of the company, but mostly smaller items in his purchase history. “Didn’t even know there was one. I just got back from a business conference, and wanted to get something to let off some steam.”

Well, all the love doll suits, pieces, accessories, and even actual love dolls are on sale right now.” I told him, handing over a flier from the stack on the table next to me. “Might be a good way to get that pressure taken care of.”

Actually… What’s it like to be a love doll?” He asked, taking a quick look at the paper. “Like…in general?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Depends on the model you go for, really. But for most people, there’s a list of like…twenty different things that you gotta adapt to. Like the mouth. Takes some time to get used to the fact that it’s always open and doesn’t move, and you have to drop your expectations just to talk like that.”

Oh?” The lion looked my face over, probably trying to imagine it. “I think I could see how you’d need time for that. Anything else like that?”

I had to stop and think for a moment. There were plenty of those little quirks to choose from.

Well, for most generic models, you stop needing to eat or sleep, stop needing to use the restroom unless you just need to clean up… Don’t need to breathe, but you can suck or blow at will. There’s just a lot of little things, so I always tell people that it just takes some practice or training, and you’ll get used to changing between organic and love doll like it’s nothing.”

I take it you’re speaking from experience?”

You could say that.” My hooves squeaked as I leaned down, picking up the spare hoof boots I’d made earlier and clipping them to one of my hip handles. “Personal experience, and training others. I ‘ve been a cheetah doll for about eight years now. Don’t regret throwing away my organic body, either.”

Josh looked even more intrigued as I returned to the couch. “Was there anything that made it hard for you? Like… Anything that really stuck out for you?”

Mmm… A couple things.” I replied, getting back into a more relaxed state. “The mouth, just like most people. I was so muffled when I tried to talk that it was like having a permanent gag in place. At least until I got rid of the muscle memory. Having mittens for hands before my upgrade made it hard to type or use certain things around home, and showering as pure latex was a real trip the first time. Can’t feel pain, but a fall’s still a fall.”

After shifting myself in place, I laid out along the couch, head on the arm like it was a pillow. “Honestly, the biggest challenge was just being out in the crowds. You don’t get odd looks around the bigger cities, but smaller cities like this one? You stick out like a sore thumb. Just riding one of the trams to work made me really self-conscious for the longest time.”

I can’t even imagine how that must’ve been.” His smile was bright, even as he said that. “I can’t even picture going into a meeting at the office like that. I mean… I’ve got three pool toys as managers under me, but I honestly don’t know how I’d handle it. Still… Hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Where’s the kiosk for the suits at?”

Aisle five.” I told him, pointing to the north. “Second section. First section has the cheaper generic suits. on the shelves.”


A couple hours passed as I continued watching people go by. But then, Mr. Engar came back. He wasn’t a black lion, though. He was a Delta-tier black unicorn stallion, with shimmering smooth skin from top to bottom. An inflatable mane and tail with metallic flakes made him look like there was a night sky following close behind, while his dark purple hooves and hoofnail hands really matched the overall look.

Like me, he had a molded smile surrounding a silicone onahole, and even the same model equine dildo down between his legs, complete with the pair of lemon-sized balls that came with it. Hell, I think we even had identical eye parts: the LX-127s with the rainbow pattern iris and star-shaped pupils. The crystal horn and pool toy-style handles too, though his came in the same purple as his hands and feet. The only thing different was that he didn’t have the DD-cup breasts I did. They were smaller C-cups instead.

You look good like that, Mr. Engar.” I said, getting to my hooves. “How’s it feel?”

Well… It’s different.” His voice was just a bit more feminine. Girlish might have been the word. “I’m enjoying it, but I think I’m gonna need some time to really settle in like this. Don’t have to go to work for a few days, at least.”

I gave him a nod. “Well, you’re already talking clearly, so that’s a good sign.”

Like you said, it’s about not relying on muscle memory.” After putting down a couple of boxes, Josh reached up and massaged his snout a bit. “It feels like someone shoved a thru-hole gag in my muzzle and glued it there, but my jaw isn’t getting tired. It’s just so weird.”

Right? That’s how it was for me, too. Give it about a week, and you’ll stop noticing it all together.” I reached down to the three metal containers and helped put them in his arms again, slipping one of my business cards into the open one. “Just come back if you need any help or training.”

He took a quick look at the plank of cardboard. “Will do… Mistress Reana?”

A lot of people get caught off guard by that.” I said with a chuckle. “Most people above a certain rank go by a title like that in Shirohoshi. Even the CEO and president go by Mistress.”

Huh! Seems fitting.”

I walked with him to the elevator, hitting the call button for him and setting it to the lower level. “Have a good day, Mr. Engar.”

You too, Mistress Reana.” He said, just as the doors closed.

Felt good to see someone trying a new way of life.

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