Loved Ones (NC-17)

Posted on Sun 29 September 2019 in At The Mansion

Things had been quiet for a few nights as TeraDyne relaxed at home. Many of her outfits were being cleaned, while her pets and partners slept in the connecting room, giving her some space to herself. With a sigh of boredom, she got to her feet and looked at the closet next to her bed. One outfit stood out in particular, and so she grabbed it with a smile, knowing what she’d be doing for the evening.

Her feet slid deep into the stuffed plush costume, coming to rest in tri-clawed soles, made to resemble buckled clawboots. Those led up to a pair of rather thick hips, each with a plastic handle sticking out the side. Her tail tucked nicely into the one on the suit, all the way down to its faux stitched flame at the tip, softly lit by some LEDs deep within it.

She pulled the soft fabric up around her midsection, sliding her hands into the tri-digit claws of the one-piece outfit, while the pair of modest D-cup breasts hugged her body as she pulled up the zipper along her spine. Her wings disappeared into the larger sleeves, while her head slipped into the neck, coming to rest in the narrow snout and twin horns of what she had become.

And as the zipper closed, her neck lengthened, the black Charizard plush finding it hard to complain about the changes. Not that she would, despite the fact that her mouth was nothing more than a static smile, filled with a red silicone onahole. Her cock has become a knotted rubber shaft with ridges in its sheath and balls, while her slit was replaced by a realistic vaginal toy, and her anal hole matched what was stuck in her snout. Just a nice warm plush sex toy, dripping with enough lubricant to slicken her holes and rod.

She swiftly grabbed another outfit out of her closet, then dashed from the room, feeling rather hopeful about the evening.

A little while later, the dragoness knocked on a door in the lower level of the mansion. One hidden in a place only she and three others knew of. Even among the staff, there was only one maid who regularly cleaned the room beyond.

Enter?” A confused deep voice said from beyond the barrier.

Upon walking in, Tera noticed her father sitting in the usual chair within his private trophy room. Spoils of his long tenure as head of Pokétara Rescue, from weapons and armor used by rather evil beings, to a few special items gathered with assistance from his daughter.

The larger anthro Charizard looked over at the plush dragoness as she closed the door behind her, a smile over his snout. His golden scales practically glowed in the light of the small fireplace he’d been sitting in front of, covered only by the silver kimono-like garments he wore.

Well, I see you’re enjoying your evening.” Charmera said, motioning for her to join him on the extra-wide armchair. “How’s my lovely little lady doing tonight?”

Fine.” She said as she sat down beside him, her mouth unmoving. “Just a little bored. Sensed you down here, so I thought I’d see if you minded me joining you for a bit.”

The golden Charizard wrapped an arm around his daughter’s shoulders, one wing sliding along her back. “You know you’re welcome in here any time.”

I know, but I don’t like bothering you if you’ve had a rough day.”

Little one, with your kinks, I think you’d probably be able to help me through my bad days easier than anyone…aside from maybe your mother.”

Heh… Might have to test that theory some time, then.” The plush dragon nuzzled against her father’s neck, her eyes suddenly falling on the rather large bulge that had formed in the boxers he wore beneath his robe. “Someone’s been having some good thoughts.”

Don’t you know it.” He replied, pulling down the black underwear just enough to reveal his shaft. His black knotted cock was rather plump, and fairly coated from what appeared to be an earlier session with the blue Cobalion-muzzle onahole sitting in its container nearby, still dripping with his spunk as it laid on the faceless-style mask that went with it.

The sight of the toy made Tera chuckle. “You still using that old thing?”

Of course. It’s modeled after your muzzle, after all. Same with the dildo sheath and pussy hole you gave me.”

What about the—-” Before she could finish, her eyes caught a glimpse of the very hoof-style boots she was about to bring up, buckled from knee to ankle. The hoof mitts were sitting on the floor right next to them, as were the bridle and reins that went with the pieces. “Of course. Still look as amazing as ever in them.”

And you look amazing no matter what form you take.” Charmera’s hand moved along her back and neck, before resting underneath her snout and bringing it up to his own maw for a brief kiss. “Always my little girl.”


As her father leaned back to relax, the plush looked over at the muzzle toy once again. “You know, the only thing I’ve never seen you do with that thing is wear it.”

The older dragon gave a soft smirk. “Probably cause I forgot I could. Hand it and the cock sleeve up here, would ya?”

Tera leaned over over grab the silicone and rubber equipment, along with his bottle of lube. As soon as she brought it up to hand to him, he took the mask and onahole to combine the two back together.

And with one fluid motion, he stretched the toy hood open and slipped it over his head, maw cramming into the rubbery oriface before allowing him to zip it closed. A soft moan could be heard from his face as the effects of it took hold, shifting his cranium into a more synthetic state, much like his daughter. A smooth featureless face, with only the bare markings of the Cobalion it was designed after, its hard rubber horns acting more like handles than anything.

Mmm… I’d also forgotten what it was like to taste my own jizz and not be able to lick it up or swallow it.” He said, his own mouth now static like Tera’s. “Gonna have to get you one of my muzzle so I can use it before I lock it on you.”

This made her daughter pause, thinking for a moment.

Hmmm… You’re off for the next couple days, right?”


Tell you what. Drop by Gallows’s studio tomorrow for a scan, and I’ll make one for you to put on me. On one condition…”

The golden dragon crossed his arms, and if he’d still had eyes, they’d be gazing at her with concern.

You’ve gotta pick some gear up for Typhus as well. Either you pick it out, or you get him to.”

Y…Yer kiddin’…”

The plush chuckled knowing that he’d probably . “Nope. I already know what you two do out in the wilderness during your missions. And I know from his profile with Shirohoshi that he rents a dollsuit every weekend. Apparently even rented an Arceus dollsuit under a false name about a month ago, right before a trip to one of the temples on the northern frontier.”

Tera couldn’t see it, but Charmera was blushing quite brightly as he held up his hands. “Alright, alright! Just get ‘em a Terrakion set like mine. Gloves and hoof mitts.”

It’ll be ready in the morning. In the mean time…”

She reached over to what she’d brought with her and handed it to Charmera. A bodysuit to go with his gear. With a chuckle, he stood up to put it on, removing his boots before anything.

He unzipped the back, sliding his legs into the stretchy rubber as his golden scales disappeared into aqua, grey, and black. The wide blob-like feet fit perfectly back into the boots, allowing him to buckle them completely. Then his arms went into those of the suit, giving him three wide-nailed digits on each hand. He took the equine sheath from his daughter and put it on as well, then zipped up the outfit, wings disappearing altogether, while allowing the tall collar piece to cover his mask’s edge around his neck.

Wow… This really does feel nice when it’s all together.” The Cobalion told her, admiring the look of his toy self. “If it weren’t for your mother being so busy, I’d go visit her at work in this thing.”

Tera couldn’t help but let out a bit of a giggle. “I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate it.”

Her old man nodded, then grabbed a leash from his box of toys and hooked it to her collar. “Come on. You’re sleeping in my bed tonight.”

Yes, daddy~

A few days passed, and Charmera had gone in to get the scans done as he said he would. The gear had finally arrived, so he went into his trophy room. However, he wasn’t alone for long before Tera joined him. The shapeshifter had taken her anthro Cobalion form, making sure to get a nice passionate kiss from her old man before taking her place on the ground next to the armchair.

Charmera had also taken the time to put on his bodysuit while he was waiting for her, his golden scales hidden by the aqua, smokey grey, and black markings of the latex outfit. The black knotted cock was already covered by the translucent seagreen equine sheath that went with it, along with the hoof boots on his legs and feet, and his face hidden by the featureless mask from before. Only the muzzle was missing from his body, lying instead on the arm of the sofa across from him while his Charizard snout poked out from the opening.

With a grin, he’d pulled out most of the new outfit and began tossing the pieces to Tera. A winged golden bodysuit with a long inflatable dragon tail went over her torso, while a black knotted sheath and ballsack were pulled over the much larger cock she bore, the equipment shrinking it down to a proper size while her father locked it on with a padlock. A pair of clawed boots were next, followed by a pair of tri-digit gloves, each also being sealed with shiny new locks.

Before he got to work with the finishing touch, her father pulled the mask out of the box with its long thin muzzle, fondling it slightly in one hand, only to grab his own suit’s piece and sit down on his chair.

Without skipping a beat, he began to slide the toy dragon snout along his equine cock, as if teasing it and himself with a few loving nuzzles. Then, a loud squeak echoed as he began to penetrate the mouth hole. Over and over, roughly and swiftly jerking himself off with its ribbed interior. He wasn’t after an enjoyable orgasm. Just a messy one.

And a mess was what he got. A soft growl escaped his lips as cum shot out into the headgear, getting both the latex and the silicone toy with a splattered layer of dragon spunk. Enough that he could reach in and smear it around gingerly, making sure it covered as much as possible.

With his grin widening, he leaned down to his daughter and slipped the jizz-stained hood over her head, pressing the hot seed against her fur, before closing the clasp of a collar around her neck and letting the transformative part of the suit take hold.

All the freshly minted Charizard could smell and taste was her father’s seed. It felt like she’d been bathed in a permanent coating of it, which only served to make her even more aroused.

But what really took it up a notch was that he’d been saving a bit for the aftermath. He aimed the cock cannon down at her head, and one stroke was enough to give the living sex toy a few more ropes of cum across her face. Marking her for what she was as he rubbed it into her muzzle and forehead.

A bit of that spunk was collected to massage into his own muzzle before he screwed it onto the mask, allowing him to take in the taste and scent of himself as he did. “Mmm… Enjoying yourself, little one?”

The dragon slowly nodded as her now equine father reached down and pulled her onto the armchair with him. Laying her across his lap as he began to squeakily pet along her head, and eliciting a soft growling purr from his daughter.

I’ll take that as a strong yes.”

The two simply sat there in the hidden room for a while as Charmera decompressed from his long day at work, enjoying the company of his daughter. Becoming a living sex toy in body hadn’t done anything to his mind or personality. He wasn’t craving more hardcore fucking, or wanting to beg someone to fill him up. In fact, despite the ‘permanently’ erect shaft sticking up from his groin, the wide open onaholes for his mouth and ass, and the over all generic toy look, it was rather calming for him.

You know,” the Cobalion said, looking down at Tera, “after you get used to it, it kinda feels like you could just live yer life like this.”

Tera looked up at him, tilting her head. “Hmm?”

This sex doll form, I mean. Like… I feel like I could seriously take you up on that offer of getting me a collection of suits like these, and I wouldn’t be miffed to go out into public like it was nothing but another day. Wouldn’t matter if I were plush or rubber or somthin’ else.”

The dragoness gave a short chuckle. “I’m pretty sure Typhus feels the same way, as do the servants and others who’ve changed their bodies. Once you get over the anxiety rush, you realize it’s not really all that different from what you are without it.”

Speakin’ of Typhus, thanks fer telling me about the Arceus suit he rented. Found out what he’d been doin’ on his weekends thanks to that.”

Oh? What would that be?”

Charmera shifted a bit, leaning against the arm of the chair, and allowing Tera to lie out across him, each of their cocks crossing under the other’s groin. “He’d been going out to the Ascerin Frontier towns undercover, givin’ sex ed courses to the students who were old enough. The Arceus one was for a town in the mountains that used their temple as a school.”

Huh…” The dragoness rested her head on his chest. “That’s…not even close to what I was expecting, but I like that idea more. Hmm…”

Her father looked down at her. “Somethin’ on yer mind, little one?”

Do me a favor when you go into work tomorrow. Slip him one of the Freelance Teams cards, and have him visit Gallows. If he’s gonna do something like that, I wouldn’t mind supplying him with free suit rentals.”

Can do, kiddo.”

A soft sigh escaped from the equine as his head leaned back. “Even as late as it is, and how early I gotta get up for the council session tomorrow, I don’t feel even a bit tired.”

That’s because many doll synths don’t sleep.”

He quickly waved a hand. “No no, I mean… I usually dread going in to deal with another of their stupid lawmaking rounds that I don’t even agree with. It wears me out. But not tonight. Maybe it’s the forced retirement Typhus and I are lookin’ at soon.”

Could be.” She replied, nuzzling her messy snout against his neck. “Also could be that you’ve had other things to focus on, and someone to keep you company.”

Tha’s true.” The equine pressed his silicone snout against hers in a kiss. “I’m glad you started coming down here to be with me after work. Yer pretty much the only one who’d take that time for me.”

And you’re the only one who kept trying to spend more time with me outside of mom. And I appreciated that. More than I could really bring myself to admit.” Tera paused, this time rubbing her snout against his cheek. “Thank you, daddy.”

Thank you, my little hatchlin’.”

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