Employment (NC-17)

Posted on Sat 31 August 2019 in One-Shot

A groan escaped from the gryphon as she looked up at the dragon looming over her. Their smooth black rubber skin glistened in the light, with a few glowing dark navy markings to break up the molded shape of their body in the dim room. He leaned down, wings spread out and soon wrapping around the limp avian, a grin across his thin snout as he pressed his lips against hers.

Not that she could do much with the muzzle over her maw. The golden beak, made into a solid rubber fox snout, with a stretchy silicone onahole for a mouth. A toy to be used. Just like his.

The dragon slipped the rest of the hood over her head, covering what remained of her red feathers in golden latex. No eyes were painted on the mask, but she could still see. And as he pulled the neck down under her bodysuit, he softly threaded a black collar through the loops that connected them together, trapping her inside. The clicking of metal sounded behind her head, and she knew she was locked in place.

Puffy mittens for hands. Almost shapeless boots for feet. A pair of large inflated tails behind her. Plastic handles on her hips and shoulders. Just like the twenty others that filled the room.




Nothing more than blank dolls to be used by horny patrons at the Genisol Hotel, with three holes to fill every day and night, only emptying between guests.

Before she’d even started changing, the dragon’s soothing voice had told her to forget who she once was. To forget she was a gryphon. She was a fox. A Model 21-Fx3 modular love doll, designed to bring pleasure to those she serviced. Nothing more or less.

Of course, he couldn’t make her forget, but she humored him anyway. She was enjoying herself too much as he massaged the now inflatable cock between her legs, making her shudder and writhe on the bed he’d been using to dress her for her part. He didn’t have a name either. No one did at the Genisol. Not even the owner.

That was the fun part of it.

The rubber sealed together after a few moments, and the dragon pulled his new acquisition to her feet, stroking along her head and between her ears. The squeaking of their bodies rubbing together filled her ears.

Then, he did something unexpected. He clipped a chain onto her collar ring, then pressed a metal plug into her mouth hole, turning it clockwise until it clicked. Another pair of chains went around the handles on her hips, followed by larger plugs being stuffed deep inside, again locked with a simple twist. A leash soon followed, as well as a metal tag. One with several words etched into it:

For staff use only. Replace plugs when not in use.”

Seemed her employment would be quite eventful, though she had to wonder about her chances of promotion, and what that meant.

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