Charming (R)

Posted on Tue 21 April 2020 in Tales from the Delta Worlds

(Author’s Note: This was supposed to be longer, but due to hardware issues, some of this story was lost. I’m posting what is the first half as it is, simply so it’s not completely lost.)

It was a nice morning in Reshora Hills. Quiet city far north of the Butterfly Empire’s capital city, with a cool spring breeze blowing through downtown. Being in my Omega-tier Cobalion love doll form, I had molded details and a permanent smile, perfect for customer service. All I had to do was put a temporary Bridgestar logo decal on my chest, and I didn’t have to worry about using a uniform.

However, the quiet soon faded just a bit as someone approached me. An anthro elephant, grey-skinned and looking rather…worried? Embarassed?

Excuse me. You work for that Bridgestar store, right?” He asked, making me realize he was fairly young. Probably just turned a legal adult recently.

I got to my hooves, prepared to get back to work. “Yes. I’m acting manager of this branch for today. Is there something I can help you with?”

Um…” The awkwardness of this guy was palpable. “I’m not really from around here. I’m visiting friends, and every time I ask them certain things, they just wave it off. I was wondering about those things on your collar.”

I pointed to the charms stuck along the band. “These?”

He nodded. “Yeah! My friends have them on parts of their clothing, and I see ‘em all over the place. They just won’t tell me what they’re for.”

Well, Mr…”

Miss, actually.” The blush on her fact got even brighter. “Name’s Liana. I’m…still in the middle of transitioning.”

My apologies.” I replied, holding out a hand and finding it shaken. “I’m TeraDyne. As for the charms, they’re called uldaiza. They’re basically government-issued identifiers used in the Omega Alliance for kinksters, with some for general citizens, and some even specifically for members of the royal family and court in the Butterfly Empire.”

Liana’s eyes kinda went a bit brighter. “Oh! So… I know Chase and Karn have that red rhombus-shaped one like you. What’s that for?”

It’s called Open Invitation.” In my vision, I was sending a message to one of the employees inside to bring me a pamphlet on the subject. “Basically, if you see someone with one of these, depending on where you are, you could legally yank them off the street and have sex with them, so long as they’re obviously not in the middle of something important.”

Wait… Like…r-raping them?” She asked, her voice turning rather fearful.

I quickly shook my head, raising up my hands. “No no no… So, the clue is in the name. People who wear this charm open themselves to having that done, effectively giving standing consent so long at it’s displayed. It’s like yelling out for someone to use you as they see fit, so long as they follow the other charms you’ve got. Um…”

Jiani soon appeared, and I couldn’t be happier to see that bluejay’s face as she handed me the paper with the listing of charms. Unfortunately, miss silence ran back inside. Probably had a customer to deal with.

Okay, so… We’re in the Red District of this city.” I explained, trying to keep myself calm as I watched Liani getting nervous. “Open sex is allowed in public, so if I weren’t talking with you, someone could walk up and literally just use me as the sex toy you’re seeing before you, and I consent to that. However, they can’t just do anything to me. The other charms tell them my limits.”

I paused, taking my collar off and pointing to the yellow topaz kite-shaped piece just below the O.I. charm. “So, if they wanted to give or receive any vanilla sex stuff—oral, anal, or vaginal—this shows that I’m open to it.” My finger moved over to the blue circular charm with L.T. etched into the gemstone, just to its right. “And in my case, this one shows I’m especially open to being used by living toys.”

The pachyderm’s let out a breath of relief. Hell, she looked like me right after a rough day. “Oh good… I… I really didn’t know what to think.” She paused, taking a closer look, and pointing at one other with her large finger. A blue gemstone etched to look like my snout. “What about that one?”

Oh! Um… Might be best if I show you that as well. See…”

I took a moment to reach up to my own snout, with my free hand, pulling outward from it. A soft yellow glow began to shine from around my face, and as my hand came free, a copy of my muzzle materialized within it. A painted smile instead of a molded one, but it did the job.

I’m what’s called a clone-wearable model.” I continued, handing over the smiling muzzle to my guest. “I can make transformative and non-transformative pieces from my own body for someone to wear, within limits. That charm shows I’m willing to let others take some pieces if they wish. Only living toys with the feature can get them.”

Woah… That’s pretty cool!” She looked the muzzle over with intense curiosity. This lady was the kind of tourist I liked seeing. “And you said they’re government-issued?”

Yeah.” I held out the multi-fold pamphlet, which she immediately began reading over. “Getting some of them requires exams and lots of paperwork, both for the safety of the one getting them, and everyone around them. Like… You can’t call rape on someone for taking advantage of an Open Invitation tag if you have it displayed, because it just won’t hold up in court. If you’re not in the mood, you’ve got to remove the charm and put it away. That’s something you’re tested on when getting it.”

Oh… We don’t have anything like that where I’m from.” Liana sounded a bit uneasy, but the curiosity in her eyes was still there. “They say sex isn’t allowed outside of sanctioned days on Argosol. Karn is trying to get me through immigration here for the last few weeks because of it. Says I’m from an abusive world.”

Before I could ask her anything further on that, she pointed at the tooth-shaped charms on the plastic page, then to a matching pair on my collar. “V-v-…Vo-reh?”

Vore. The act of eating another sentient being.” I rubbed the back of my head, causing a loud squeak as she once again looked frightened. “Basically, you have to have certain abilities to even get those charms. In my case, being the child of a literal death god lets me keep people from dying in such acts, making it safe for both of us. And as a living sex toy like I am right now, I could only hold them in my belly vat or womb for a while. Well, unless they asked me to turn them into a living lovedoll or something, then I could do that.”

Again, Liana looked quite relieved, this time sitting down to catch her breath. “Oh-Okay… I thought it might be like some permanent thing like back home.”

Oh no…” I sat down beside her, putting a hand on her shoulder. “The Omega Alliance doesn’t allow that sort of thing as part of the uldaiza system. It’s a safeguard they put in right from the beginning as far as the laws around them are concerned. And in places where you might find some…objectionable things, they always have signs up to warn people about it.”

Ob…jectionable things?” She asked. Her English was clearly not as fully-fleshed as I was expecting.

Things that might upset you, basically.” I pointed at the red tooth and red skull charms in the brochure. “These are what we call the hard vore charms. Anyone wearing the tooth is a predator, and the skull marks prey, just like they others. And like the open invitation one, as long as it’s showing, you’re consenting to it. But… Let’s just say someone like you would probably be best not seeing something like that. Not—-“

Eaten alive, I guess?”

Well… She sounded worried, but…maybe accepting? “Yeah. In some places, it’s allowed due to abilities and systems like what I can do. Those charms have trackers in them, so police know if it’s a legal kill or not. No need to call anyone about it. But yeah… I’ve seen tourists go to Raidhollow Glade, and come across a couple of blood baths, having never read the warnings. Even after signing the usual waivers to get into the Red District there, they end up pretty shaken.”

That doesn’t really bother me much.” This time, I had to give her a quizzical look. “I’ve…seen things like that. My home has lots of predators. They lose control sometimes. You get used to it. But…when it happens in those places here, they come back?”

I nodded, feeling a bit of relief myself. “Yeah. Usually in a couple minutes. Memories and all.” After a moment, I reached into one of the hidden pockets along my waistline and pulled out my charm case, opening it up for her to see. My thumb pointed to the red tooth and skull charms I owned. “I would know.”

Liana stared down at them for a moment, snout curling around as if in thought. “You…are prey, too?”

Sometimes.” I almost started to chuckle, but stopped myself, unsure how to treat the situation. “When I’m in my organic form, I have some unique…abilities. I can’t feel pain, and I can naturally come back if I die. It’s fairly rare, but there’s a few million people who’re the same. Many of us learned to enjoy both sides survival, and some like myself learned to use it to help others.”

She turned her head, as if trying to process what I’d just said.

Um… Well, let’s just say that death doesn’t hurt me like it does others. I learned early on to respect it, rather than fear it. Because of that, I’m more than open to letting myself be killed multiple times in a row, a literal lamb to the slaughter, with the discarded bodies used to help feed those who need the meat.” I pointed to a small blue shield-shaped charm, with a red spiral etched into the front. “It’s why I have this one, showing myself as a special disaster relief worker. It’s not on the list, though.”

Oh… Oh wow… Things are so different here.”

My friend, you have no idea.” I stopped, thoughts running through my head. “You said your friend is trying to get you through immigration. Is living in the Butterfly Empire what you really want?”

She hesitated, rubbing her fingers together. Fidgeting, perhaps? “It would… It would be better than home. I want to live longer than my parents did. They became food for predators a few years ago.”

No wonder she was so unnerved by the vore charms. Well, looked like I had a customer in need of assistance after all. I stood up, my hand still on her shoulder for a moment. “Come on. I can help with that, and we can go over some of the other charms you might see. You’ll need to know them for the immigration test later on.”

Y…Are you sure? I…I don’t have any money.” She said, getting to her feet and looking quite embarrassed.

Immigration courses are free, as are the tests.” I replied, motioning for her to follow me into the store. “Shirohoshi is a partner of the Butterfly Empire, so we handle this all the time.”

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