Bound for the Night (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 13 March 2019 in At The Mansion

Sitting back in her bed after a day of work, Gallows started to unpack one of her golden suit containers to have a bit of fun for her evening. Opening the case revealed a rather nice set of golden latex bondage equipment. However, it wasn’t made for a gryphon.

A smile across her face, she moved her red unicorn plush over to one side as her body began to glow softly, her mass changing shape in the silhouette she gave off. Within moments, she’d went from her red gryphon self, to relatively small dark purple unicorn, her iridescent mane and tail shimmering in the lights from the ceiling.

With an azure glow radiating from her horn, she picked up the pieces of gear with her magic and moved them out onto the white spread before her, dropping each one carefully into place. Once done, she lifted the container up and put it on the floor near the bed, making sure to close it before it went under her bed.The equine happily leaned over took one of the first bits into her maw, sliding the long thick equine dildo deep into her mouth and throat before reaching the base within the muzzle. Her magic grabbed hold of the buckled flaps on each side and pulled them closed behind her head, snapping into place while the strap was pulled taut, and locked with a small timed padlock. It was thick enough to stretch her throat a bit, but the nostril holes gave her plenty of air to breathe with, even while deepthoating the massive shaft.

Next came the main part of the suit, forcing her to stand up and step into the heavy metal hooves that came with it. Each one was locked into place with a set of short spikes that painlessly drove into her hoof walls, while the scaled plates made sure she’d have a hell of a time moving. Just the feeling made her moan out in bliss a bit, the long shaft between her hind legs sti!ening in the process.

She used her magic to pull the one-piece suit up and over her legs and groin, making sure to slip her cock and balls into the sheath. A tube ran from the tip of the rubber covering and into her shaft, blocking it completely, and inflating to give that a nice stretching as well.

Once she got everything lined up, the next part made her shiver, almost forcing her to kneel down as her forelegs tried to give way. Two equally massive horse dildos were pushed deep into both holes on her rear end, big enough to stretch them and tease the walls with their ribbed surfaces, making every movement an even bigger struggle to keep control of her arousal. A pair of keys were turned inside of them, causing each one to inflate just inside the openings, making sure they wouldn’t come out until she was ready for them to.

Her magic pulled the spinal zipper closed as her tail and mane were trapped inside of pouches that hid them away, making her look almost like solid rubber from the outside, aside from the metal boots.Then, she pulled the hood up from around her muzzle, and brought it over her face. Nothing more than a solid smooth surface from the outside, with her ears tucked inside of another pair of padded pockets, and her eyes padded for her protection. Once she pulled it into the locking straps on the back, and gave the lock its final closure, a metal spiral appeared over her horn, cutting o! her magic and using its energy to power vibrators within those twin toys in her hind quarters.

Barely able to move, Gallows could do little more than quiver and writhe in bliss. She’d already been primed from earlier, and the pulsing shafts behind her managed to push the poor pony into fruitless thrusting into the air, a deep need to bring herself to an orgasm she knew she wouldn’t get. Then the motors surrounding her cock sprang to life, slowly massaging the sensitive flesh beneath them, and making the unicorn collapse into a heap of horny happiness.

The lock was set for ten hours, and she knew she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

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