Acquiring New Hardware (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Delta Worlds Lore


Today had been a fun one. Even since going back to doing JOS gigs on my own, I’d been fulfilling a lot of the more personal requests that showed up. A night with a living cake here, a couple romps with a demon there, some time with someone’s favorite fictional character on occasions… Things I could just enjoy on my own time. But today was a fun one.

I walked into the shower at my home, two orifaces still dripping with cum down below. My yellow rubbery Renadrone hide had been well used for the last twenty standard hours, and the black boots and tri-finger gloves were still somewhat white from it all. I should’ve just taken off the TransSuit, but it still felt rather nice to be in that form.

Trapped… Somewhat helpless… Mute aside from muffled digitized moans, and the squeaking of my body. A holopack on my back, so someone could program me to their desires, even remodeling me to a limited degree. And of course, the ability to turn others into drones, which I used for the day-long party.

I could almost still feel the lead Wargreydrone’s cock deep in my womb, pumping it full of synthcum as he handled me like nothing more than an object. Then he had me transferred into the onahole attachment and fucked me that way, while my empty body got used for various automated footjobs, handjobs, and blowjobs.

Part of me didn’t want that party to be over.

Once I’d cleaned off and gotten out of my suit, I looked back over at the collection of drone outfits that the others used, still piled up and waiting for cleaning. One by one, they were put onto the racks and pushed into the automated cleaning system, at least until I got to the BlackWargreymon. No, that one wasn’t going in.

I opened up the back zipper, then pulled the legs over my own, before slipping my arms into the suit’s. I didn’t even need to reach back, as once the head was over mine, it sealed itself tight around me.

My breathing shifted as the twin filter cans on the helmet took over, forcing the air to be colored by a strong aphrodisiac with every inhalation. A taste of the previous wearer’s cum was just as strong in my static maw, seemingly stuck there in an almost permanent state. It all made the erect dildo between my legs stand out even more as I caressed it in gauntlets that covered my clawed hands.

In the mirror nearby, I could see myself. Eyes nothing more than purple lenses, and a barcode and warnings printed onto the surface of the armor that made my hide. None of it removable, but I didn’t need it to be. I was nothing more than a drone. A mass-produced synthetic being, designed to give pleasure to whomever wanted it.

Nameless. Faceless. Made to be used. And damn did that mentality make me all the more horny just thinking about it.

Instead of heading to the shower like I’d usually do, I wandered into the room full of my own personal drones and stepped up onto one of the cleaning platforms. The various red gryphons under my control were floating above their charging pads, asleep for the most part, but it felt…interesting to think they might be watching me. Observing me as the sonic waves cleaned all of the sweat and cum off my rubber body and OMNICore pack.

When the cycle was done, I stepped down, footsteps feeling heavier somehow. The core was fully charged, so perhaps I was just getting used to my larger, more muscular build underneath it all. A more powerful build…

That was all the encouragement I needed. After tapping a few buttons on my bedroom’s computer, I sat out once again, a new directive in mind.

The Rose Line trains were running light, but the aft-most car that I usually preferred had one other person in it. A male white fox, sitting back on a bench seat as he played with himself, enjoying the perks that came with trains that linked the various Red Districts. Sex, exhibitionism, finding an Open Invitation charm bearer to play with… They were plentiful.

As I took a seat of my own, the train departed from the station, and soon enough, the fox rose to his feet, approaching me. I could see his eyes dart toward the collar I bore, and a glint of red from my Open Invitation charm shined in them rather clearly. He was getting ideas.

After a moment, he crouched down in front of me, snout immediately going toward my crotch. His lips pressed against the tip of my thick draconic dildo, then slid down the sensitive shaft rather expertly. Tongue lapping against the smooth surface as if eagerly trying to clean it, all the way down to the knotted base.

I had turned off my ability to shudder or moan as part of the dominatrix program, but the deep digitized rumble of satisfaction that echoed from my snout seemed to perk up the guy’s mood, and ears. He went to town on my cock, and I relaxed where I was, one gauntlet coming off and lying next to me as that hand kept loose against the back of his head. Then the other gauntlet came off, and I grabbed the leash attached to his collar. An eager fox, and I was happy to oblige his lust.

Second after second, he pleasured me, obviously knowing I wouldn’t cum with the lock icon on my balls. But as he enjoyed the taste of vinyl dildo, he was caressing his own shaft as well, tail wagging behind his back.

After a bit, I felt jizz spill out against my large feet as my little friend shuddered and moaned against my cock. His orgasm hit hard, but the look of pure bliss on his face was priceless. The thing was, he had another look in his eyes as well: longing.

While his maw was still locked around my rod, I gripped the back of his head just a bit. Rubber flowed from the pool my core held, and began to wrap around the fox like a cool stream of fluid. Blackness all around, molding itself to suit him.

It started around his head, features slowly beginning to appear in the form of white eye lenses, some white markings just underneath them, and white tips on his ears. Then his hands, merging into white tri-digit paws, while a puffy white fluff collar wrapped around his neck. Red sleeves with yin-and-yang symbols soon formed as well, and his chest became white rubber, surrounded by black.

His white paw feet became a bit larger, while everything about his digitgrade ankles turned black, and a pair of swirling orb markings appeared on his thighs. His tail soon joined in, black with a white tip, and some protrusions near his shoulders completed the basic form of a Renamon.

To finish his transformation, I watched as the molded maw of his mask opened up, an onahole appearing at the tip, while a pair of circular filter cans took their places on the sides of his vulpine snout. His cock became hardened once again, with a larger rod and thicker knot, and an anal onahole opened up beneath his tail. And for the final touch, a core like my own formed along his back, turning on its programming to make him a nice Renadrone.

The fox stood up slowly, almost robotically so, as the core began taking control of him. I could sense his libido skyrocket, and it wasn’t because of the aphrodisiac flowing into his air supply. He was enjoying every moment of the change, even if he didn’t have the ability to show it directly at the time.

I assigned him a serial number from my own servers, and RENA-221192 came online, waiting for orders. I had him sit while I uploaded some programs and scripts, but in the small chatspace within each of our HUDs, we began having a conversation a nearly light speed. Mostly about how I’d just hit a few dozen buttons of his.

Turned out the guy was homeless and wandering Omega after being denied citizenship in the Butterlfy Kingdom, mostly living by turning tricks to earn some Omen for food and supplies. I offered to make him a more permanent part of my cadre of drones, and surprisingly, he accepted.

With that decision made, I activated the semi-permanent mode for its transformation, then changed its groin up a bit. 192’s dildo slowly shrank back into its sheath, before that and his balls both disappeared into a smooth slick spot between its legs, signified only by a padlock icon displayed in white where they once were. A soft groping showed 192 that there was still quite a bit of pleasure to be gotten from the nothingness down there.

Of course, I’m much more of a casual domme, so once the programming was done, I let 192 relax again. Its new barcode and serial number was displayed along each arm, and their first order of business was to put their earbuds back in to listen to their music.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. They were still thinking like an organic. So, I took the media device and held up a claw to get 192’s attention. Once their lenses were pointed toward me, I reached back onto their core and pulled a standard audio cable from it, plugging the device into both it and the configurable power supply jack in one of the hardware bays. I didn’t need to see a moving face to know they were somewhat surprised, but realizing just how convenient their new body was, they relaxed next to me.

Slipping my gauntlets back on, I wrapped one arm around 192’s shoulders, pulling them over to lean against my body for the trip. Sex was nice, but companionship was just as enjoyable.

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