A Booming Friendship

Posted on Wed 05 January 2022 in One-Offs

It was a nice day in the city of Grythosi. As it was my private world, I knew I’d be by herself as I wandered the streets. Even my drones were off recharging for the moment, leaving the streets and stores empty while I wandered around as a Nidorino pool toy.

But, as I rounded a corner toward the west, an unexpected sight caught my eye. A vinyl anthro Charmeleon was strolling through the area. One that I didn’t quite recognize. Like me, he wore absolutely nothing, leaving his massive cock swaying out in the open air. In fact, aside from an air valve on his belly, that was the only defining feature of the lizard. He did wear a small leather band with Butterfly Kingdom kink charms around his neck, and the words pop slut were stamped into it with metal lettering.

“Hey!” I calmly called out as I approached him, watching as the intruder turned to look at my. His eyes immediately went to my groin, before moving back up toward my eyes. “How’d you get here? My private worlds aren’t on the normal portal networks.”

ARCC system said this was Ingir City on Graiben.” The Charmeleon replied, grinning softly as he shrugged. “Figured it wasn’t when I saw the ghost town, so I’ve been looking for a gate back for the last half hour.”

The story actually sounded plausible. “Ah. Well, if you’re in a hurry, there’s a gate to the south, out on Garos Lane.”

“Thanks.” He held out a hand. “Theris Ingo, by the way. Sorry about trespassing.”

“TeraDyne Hitokage-Ezeri,” I replied, shaking his clawed hand, “and don’t worry about it. That said, you’re a pop slut, huh? As in you like going boom, or making others go boom?”

Theris’s grin widened, his arms folding in front of his chest. “Yes.”

“Hyper sized holdouts, or quick cum puddles?”

That really made his eyes light up, and I could see that shaft of his growing firmer by the second. “You’re speaking my language. Personally, I don’t care. So long as I get turned into a puddle, or they do, I’m fine with it. I’ll even use air hoses, or inflate ‘em with a blow job, just so long as they fly apart in a mess of cum, or bare scraps, or go toony and leave parts being. And with my abilities, they usually come back in about half a minute tops.”

I chuckled as I sat down on a concrete barrier near the edge of the road. He swiftly joined me, straddling the piece between his legs. And from that view, I could see the red Open Invitation charm on his collar. That seemed appropriate.

“Sounds like you’d make a good friend to have for some of my own popping moods. I like going full-tilt, or getting popped chamber-by-chamber if I’m in a form that allows it.”

Theris nodded, but before he could respond, I had already turned myself and lowered my head. One hand flipped open the air valve on his belly, and my lips wrapped around the plastic stem, pushing air into the already slightly inflated gut it was connected to. The sound of rushing gas echoed through him, and with my large ears, it was turning me on something fierce.

“Aaaaahh… You’re eager!” He exclaimed above me, a sigh of ecstasy coloring his words. “I like that. You like getting called degrading things, like cheap vinyl and pop scraps?”

I gave a quick nod of my own, hands gripping around his ball-like midsection.

“Good. So do I.”

I kept going, pushing air into his belly until he had to lie back against the top of the barrier from how engorged he was, before I stopped and closed the valve again. He opened his mouth to obviously complain about not finishing him off, but I simply grinned and pressed a claw into that taut vinyl of his. A soft boom spread out from that tiny point, and in seconds, he went from red Charmeleon balloon to a heap of tattered remains, flapping around until they landed on the ground around me. Surprisingly, his limbs were still intact, as were his head and cock, his face frozen in shock from the moment he exploded.

I took the copy of Theris’s collar that was left behind, slipping it around my neck. While I waited for my new friend to reform, I picked up his pieces and put them into my dimensional storage, deflating each of the still-whole pieces for good measure. They’d make for a nice kinky partial to wear later, when I wasn’t an inflatable myself.

Soon enough, there was a glow on the ground nearby, and Theris appeared again in a new body, complete with a new collar. And upon opening his eyes to see me, that grin from before returned.

Before I had the chance to say anything, his puffy clawed hands reached up and grabbed hold of the handles on my hips, pulling me down to the ground with him. And after that, I felt him flip open the valve underneath my stubby tail, pressing his lips into the stem. The rush of air was deafening within my head, and I couldn’t help but moan out from the sensations coursing through my body.

Just as I did to him, he slowly began to inflate me, wave by wave. My arms and legs growing just as much as everything else did. And little by little, I could hear myself creak as vinyl began to stretch.

I lost my ability to move my legs, then any chance of bending over. My arms, stuck out ahead of me, immobilized by the growing pressure, and my cock and balls turning almost as big as Theris himself. I had to easily dwarf him, even if I couldn’t exactly see down there through my skin. Skin so taut that it was turning more translucent with every breath he put into me.

The creaking grew louder and louder, and the blissful pulses were overwhelming. Then, just as I felt myself begin to leak from my shaft, a brief loud bang, and darkness.

When I came to, my first sight was Theris standing over me, happily wearing the tatters of my arms and hands as shoulder-length gloves. Without warning, he shuddered softly as jizz poured out of his shaft, splashing down onto my face and body. However, I wasted no time in slipping my lips down that rod of his. Then, he went down, wrapping his arms around my lower body as he started to tease my leaking shaft as well.

And just like before, I felt myself begin to fill, this time with his seed. Likewise, he had me caught in a constant orgasm as well, my own hose pumping out spunk into his snout as well. Slowly growing bigger, with air replaced by each other’s fluids.



Nothing but the squeaks and slorps of our forms, and each other’s moans to drive ourselves deeper into bliss.

The time ticked on, with nothing stopping our churn. Limbs flopping out as they became too fat and heavy to move. His tail splatting down over my face like a water balloon, its warmth being one hell of an amazing feeling. Our maws stretching out, having to deal with the growing shafts and balls as they too filled from the inside.

Our shared creaking grew louder and louder, drowning out everything else around us. Then, once again, a momentary crack of thundering boom, and darkness.

A bit of time passed before the two of us woke up together. I was lying on top of Theris, still wearing a copy of his collar, the two of us plopped into the middle of a hefty pool of cum as we floated on top of it. My new Charmeleon friend smiled up at me, hands gripping my shoulder handles.

“Oh, we’re definitely gonna get along just fine.” He said, before leaning up and surprising me with a bit of a kiss. “Perfectly fine.”

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