Vacation (NC-17)

Posted on Wed 11 September 2019 in Personal

I want you to go back to the Melee Zone when you get there. Enjoy your week of vacation, dear. I’ll be there soon enough.”

Teradyne whimpered as she read the text message on her phone again. Her master had already surprised her with an intense day the last time she’d visited the massive kink-oriented complex. Many called it a kink park, but it had proven to be far more than that in her past trip.

The white dragon passed through the darkened front of the former mall, and down a few halls on her way to where she’d been directed. The many people there were enjoying themselves and the company they kept, some in fetishwear, some in full-on transformative outfits.

Soon enough, she passed through the black-and-white striped automatic doors, slipping into a bit of a semi-lawless part of the place. The rules posted outside warned of what one would find in there, but Tera didn’t need to see them. She knew them first-hand.

There was an eeriness to the silence that fell over her. No one was around in the front area, which was very unusual. There were usually a few people standing there to keep strays from wandering in carelessly. But no… No one was around. Not even a little ways into the mazework that made up the melee zone. It sent shivers up her spine, and through her prismatic wings.

However, as she turned one of the corners, she felt something suddenly pressed against her. Something rubbery and smooth, forcing its way into her snout and around her face. The sound of a zipper echoed off the back of her head, while her body once again felt a familiar sensation engulf it.

Hardened hooves replaced her hands, causing her original limbs to fade from her mind. The boot-like hooves on her feet, clopping as she tried to steady herself. Her tail and wings, disappearing completely, while her face was forced into a more equine shape. A broad equine muzzle, with a filter canister on each side of her face. Her vision changed to a slightly frosted icy blue as her sight came through a massive curved visor, making it much more difficult to see. And around her groin, she could feel crinkling padding embracing her, wrapped tightly to keep everything in place.

Tera was in another Cobalion diaper drone suit, this one different from her last visit. Her master must have sent orders ahead of time.

She felt a leash clipped to the collar around her neck, followed by someone tugging it softly. The drone followed obediently, holding back a few moans as a vibrator kicked in down below, teasing what was obviously a long equine-style shaft after the suit had changed it, trapped against the padding so it couldn’t fully harden.

After a bit of walking, the newly-minted Pokédrone felt herself being helped up onto some sort of platform. Her vision was so poor that she couldn’t even tell where she was anymore, much less what was going on around her. However, a few seconds later, the feeling of something pressing against her back answered why she’d been lead to where she was.

Lines and text replaced the world around Tera as she found her body moving of its own accord. Her arms dropped to her sides as she was forced to stand at attention, legs coming together and frozen in place. She wasn’t even hearing her own heart beating anymore, but that was explained by the large lines of words filling her sight.

She’d had a drone core placed on her back, turning the goat-like horse biosynthetic in the process. It was why she wasn’t able to do anything herself anymore. Whoever was messing with the panel on her back had that distinction.

They poked and prodded her controls, moving her around, setting paths for her to walk along, sometimes even having her crawl on all fours like a child. They reshaped her into a quadruped, and even somehow shrank her to the size of a foal, just toying with their plaything. All while diagnostics information scrolled up her screen. It was all she could see.

When she got back to the podium from crawling yet another path set into her, she felt some controls being manipulated. And suddenly, she felt like she had a bladder again. One that was getting increasingly full at a rapid rate. She whimpered silently into the digital void, though surprisingly, it came out as a squeak on the outside. Something she could actually hear.

Then… Just as quickly as it’d started, she felt herself unable to hold it in. As if every bit of her continence left her. Her trapped cock flooded the diaper with some sort of synthetic urine. Practically liters of it, soaking the plastic-lined padding around her lower body as her whimpers of embarrassment were vocalized for all to hear around her.

She was forced to stand on her hind legs once again, the weighty soggy napkin creating some rather loud squishing sounds as she did. And with her legs spread out, and her arms held above her head, someone began changing her.

A wet wipe brushed across her smooth latex skin and shaft, cleaning up the mess she’d made, before powder was applied around her bottom side. Then, another diaper was slipped against her groin, folded up to her waist and sealed off with tape once again. A hand gave her crotch a gentle rub, which she felt as if it were her shaft, followed by her arms being allowed to fall limp.

The sensation of a full bladder returned quite swiftly as she was forced to stand there. But this time, something else came from it. A small lock symbol appeared in the haze of code that passed along what she realized was her screen. The screen likely visible from the other side of her visor, and on her back.

Then, she felt her balls filling in the same way, aching for release. Practically a pair of melons dangling from between her legs. Another lock appeared following that. And another. And another.

Once again, she began to whine and moan as her actual cock began to vibrate, along with the walls of the vaginal hole behind her balls, and the walls of her rump hole behind that. Teasing her in every way possible, knowing how pent up she was in every way possible. And everyone around her would be able to hear it, if there even were other beings around her.

She was once again sent on her way along a walking path, this time through to another part of the maze. Something she only knew through her memories, but she knew the area well. It was the rest area for the more dominant members of the Melee Zone, where they could relax and chat, usually while being given service by those they’d changed or captured for the day. During her last visit, she’d only been let out of the diaper to become embedded in the glory hole table, quite literally having her consciousness ripped from her body and placed into the inanimate piece of furniture.

This time, things were quite different.

Her body very suddenly stopped and dropped to all fours, rubber flowing over her limbs. Pouched formed, locking her like a bitchsuit until all she had were pairs of stubs to crawl around on. And as she stood in place, the muzzle of her mask also began to change, with a mouth hole appearing in a proper place, toy-like and open for use, drooling with lubricant.

The gimped pokédrone crawled her way a short distance, only to be stopped by a large squeaky paw on her face. One that promptly pushed her over onto her back, with its matching paw being placed over her trapped cock to massage and tease it for a few moments.

After being flipped back over onto her front, she could feel pressure being placed on her from both the front and back halves of her quadrupedal self, right along her spine. Paws, pressing into her head and rump. The control panel must have been rubber as well, as there was no sound of metal or glass crunching. Just the sensation of slowly being pressed into the ground.

Flattening. Her very form growing smaller and smaller as she was turned into what could constitute as a pancake of her former build.

Then, one paw pressed firmly against the back of her head, while the second went against her tail end once again. Something within her drone self’s programming activated, which began reshaping her. Coating her manipulator’s feet. Forming into shaped paw boots, with all of her senses duplicated for each side of the pair. Stretched to knee-length, her spine had buckles from top to ankle, while he her diapered bottom had became the hardened soles, sensitive enough that every step sent a wave of pleasure through her twin bodies.

It had been clear that multiple users had been changing her around for fun, but whomever it was that wore her bent over and closed the clasps of the buckles to keep her snuggly on their feet. She wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Hours passed as the drone-boots mentally whined and moaned from her predicament. Helplessly trapped in her situation, constantly feeling as if she’s being stepped on and rubbed like the pawslut she was. Nothing more than a fashion accessory. And while she was enjoying herself, she’d been stretched into thigh-high boots just a bit earlier, with more buckles that made her feel even more bound and restricted. Like a straight jacket locked snug around her form, pushing her lust even further.

Before long, she felt herself being walked through some sort of liquid. Liquid latex, in fact, which her body absorbed without question, adding to her total mass.

It was swiftly used to expand her sensations. Gloves over her wearer’s hands and arms, opera length with more buckles along the outer arms. Then a short shirt, barely covering their chest while leaving their abdomen exposed. A pair of sheath shorts followed that, giving her wearer a copy of her equine cock and toy rump hole, which she herself could feel if if they were her own.

Then came the half-mask. A copy of her own muzzle, complete with a toy-like mouth hole and twin filter cans, wrapped around her wearer’s face and neck, with more buckles on the back of the wide bands to keep it in place.

Surprisingly, once the mask was fitted, her sight somewhat came back to her. But she wasn’t seeing through her own eyes.

In the glossy shine of a rubber catsuit of someone in front of her, she could see a blue Midnight Lycanroc reflecting back at them, their glowing red eyes staring right back. She was seeing it through her wearer. Hearing the sounds they heard. Feeling everything they did to her rubbery suit body.

And standing behind them, holding a leash, was her own master. His tan-and-orange goat face had a soft smile, while his fluffy raccoon-striped tail had its own maw open with a toothy grin, tongue hanging out slightly. His legs and feet, one hoof and one paw, had purple-black striped stockings over them, but it was the thick equine shaft hanging flaccidly between his legs that had her attention at that moment.

Good boy, Lee.” Achiga told the canine Pokémon, petting his head as the Lycanroc drone that had been in front of them moved away. Lee turned to face their owner, giving them both quite the view of Achi’s cock as it ended up pressing against their snout.

The chimera sat down on a nearby lounge chair, pulling his feet up to relax, and tugging Lee to join him. Something the canine was more than eager to do as he slipped between Achiga’s legs.

Their master guided Lee’s face down onto his shaft, giving the ribbed toy hole a nice stretching as it passed into the mask’s dildo gag, turning it into more of a sheath. The lycan slowly bobbed his head up and down its length, breathing in through his nose with every chance he got. Tera could feel herself being forced into the blowjob, mentally shuddering with bliss given her inability to do so physically. Bliss that only intensified for them both as Achiga’s paw rubbed along the shaft of the sheath shorts, teasing the pair as they worked their magic.

On one side, Tera felt like she was sucking off the goat, but at the other, she could feel Lee sucking her off as well, despite her cock still feeling as if it were trapped in its padding under his foot, and being massaged by Achiga’s foot, all at one time. She was no stranger to inhabiting more than one body at a time, but so many sensations in a single broken-up form was quite different, and even more erotic than she would have expected.

After a while of slow and meticulous build-up for Achiga, he gripped the back of his Lycanroc’s head and began to thrust into the hole that wrapped his cock. Pump after pump, before a long sigh of ecstasy. Ropes of fresh jizz began to stream through the hole at the tip of the gag, forcing it deep into the Pokémon’s gullet and down into their belly.

A belly that began to expand from the gushers of seed he was swallowing. Sloshing… Stretching… An almost vinyl creaking coming from their ballooning midsection.

Of course, neither the Lycanroc or his outfit got the release they wanted. As soon as Achiga was done dumping his load into the wolf, he slipped a cage over the sheathed shaft and balls of the Pokémon, making sure he’d stay nice and pent-up for the day. That meant the Cobalion drone had the sensation of being trapped inside the metal restraint as well, on top of everything else.

With a smile, Achiga cleaned himself with one of the disposable wipes from the table next to him, then got to his feet and began leading his Pokémon away. But as they passed by a mirror, Tera caught a glimpse of writing on one of the boots.

Time Remaining: 30:20:15:35

Thirty-one days. Either she was trapped as the outfit for a month, or the Lycanroc was trapped wearing her for a month. Either way made her silently whimper in her mind. She knew she was ordered to take a vacation, but she hadn’t expected it to be like this.

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